NewsA "significant influx" of vehicles leaves Russia after call...

A "significant influx" of vehicles leaves Russia after call for war

Russia ‘s call for its population to join the ranks of war is having an effect . This Saturday, the Russian authorities register a “significant” influx of vehicles heading to Georgia , a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia.

About 2,300 private vehicles are lining up to leave Russia , a situation that comes days after Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of citizens to go to fight in Ukraine.

“There is a significant accumulation of private vehicles, some 2,300 in total, that have arrived in the Republic of North Ossetia and are queuing to cross the Verkhni Lars checkpoint,” declared the Ministry of the Interior of that Russian republic bordering with Georgia.

The Ministry considers that “crossing customs is complicated” at the moment, so it called on the Russian population not to try to leave the country , in addition to announcing the deployment of additional police officers to “guarantee security” .

After the call of the Russian president, different protests have been triggered in that country chanting “No to war!” and “No to the mobilization!”, in which thousands of Russians have participated.

Georgia is not the only border that is registering spikes in influx. Kazakhstan and Mongolia are in the same situation, with testimonies that speak of several hours of waiting to cross.

The measure has also caused an avalanche of reservations for plane tickets on the websites of airlines, in the fear of thousands of men being called up.

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