EconomyFinancialA sustainable vision is key in the organizational strategy

A sustainable vision is key in the organizational strategy

A traditional economic model is no longer sustainable over time, nor is it compatible with the objectives of more efficient use of resources and care for the environment. To drive development, it must integrate economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

As a result, leading companies from all sectors are incorporating a sustainability strategy into their business models, for example, in the face of the urgent need to act in the face of the global climate crisis.

More and more boards of directors of organizations have this issue on their agendas, regardless of their sector or the supply chain they are part of. Beyond the results around profitability, the vision is outlined to achieve a positive impact on society and the environment.

Even by implementing a sustainability strategy, companies establish a closer relationship with consumers and this is perceived as an added value that can significantly influence purchase decisions.

Include sustainable practices in favor of corporate responsibility

Under these principles of business innovation, Enel works to expand accessibility to energy to a greater number of users. With a presence in nearly 30 countries, and a managed capacity of more than 91.4 GW, it reaffirms its commitment to creating a new era for the efficient use of resources such as electricity.

Also, this last point is significant for the decarbonization of the planet. For example, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimated that switching to renewable energy could reduce air pollution emissions by 55%.

By offering comprehensive solutions that meet these objectives, the company of Italian origin occupies a leading position in energy generation and distribution at a global level, work that began in Mexico in 2008 under its two business lines: Enel Green Power and Enel Energía México. .

The Enel Green Power division is the operator that integrates clean and renewable energy into the value chain of companies. The decarbonization of electricity consumption is another of the goals that the company is working on, for example, through obtaining Energy Certificates that become a strength of responsibility with the environment.

Similarly, through Enel Energía México , it has advised and supported different industries and consumers to offer them an alternative solution in the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM), both to basic suppliers and large consumers.

The guarantee is that each of the clients will find a contract tailored to their needs, as well as a portfolio of Products and Associated Services such as: power, related services or financial transmission rights.

Undoubtedly, creating the conditions for long-term sustainable development and promoting economic and social growth requires establishing strategic alliances, which is why Enel is ready to offer the highest quality, value and benefit, as an energy manager.

Enel marks the route to a new era of energy in Mexico

Mexico has a great wealth of renewable sources and, with the commitment to create the conditions for a sustainable future, Enel is the energy manager of the leading companies in various industries.

Philip Morris circular economy is reflected in cigarette butt recycling

Within the framework of World No Cigars Day, it shares record levels in its sustainability strategy: more than one million waste collected for recycling.

This is Grupo Bimbo's firm commitment to sustainability

The company presents an ambitious strategy with three pillars to contribute to caring for the environment and generate a positive impact on society, in the short, medium and long term.

PASA, a company that transcends its environmental commitment

Through efficient waste collection and sustainable solutions, the company responds to the needs of society and the planet.

Schneider Electric: an example in innovation for sustainability

Reaffirming its position as a leader in the digital transformation of energy management, the company remains committed to operating to achieve a positive impact on the environment.