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Aeroméxico "I really like to report sick" and accuses them of affecting flights in the AICM

The head of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, blamed Aeroméxico for the delays at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), in addition to assuring that the airline’s workers “like it a lot call in sick.”

“Most of the complaints are concentrated in Aeroméxico and in the Mexico City airport, it is where the most complaints have been filed.”

“Since Aeroméxico, like all national and foreign airlines, are part of Conciliaexprés, a tripartite call is made between a Profeco official, the consumer and a legal representative of the airline”, explained the official before the questioning of complaints of the airlines during these summer holidays.

At a press conference at the National Palace headed by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the head of Profeco explained that the resolution of complaints takes an average of 15 minutes, and that more than 90% are resolved in favor of the user.

“The airline loves to blame the airport and incidentally the federal government, but the reality, and we can see it in the morning flights, has been very common in Aeroméxico for the equipment that operates the aircraft to arrive incomplete, so when a flight attendant is missing or a flight attendant is missing in the morning they have to wait for someone to fill in and that has caused a lot of delays,” he replied.

“I imagine, I don’t have proof of it, but let’s say it’s the rumor in the airport corridors that they really like to call in sick, that maybe they have Covid and that they are going to go take the test .”

“But with only one person missing, the flight does not leave, they have to find someone to replace the flight attendant or the flight attendant, which is where this phenomenon occurs most and above all it has been presenting itself in Aeroméxico and I repeat, especially in the City of Mexico, at the Benito Juárez Airport,” said Sheffield Padilla.

What does Aeroméxico say about it?

The airline assured that it has stood out for being the most punctual that operates in the AICM, and shows it with an increase of 4% more than the average in the Mexico City terminal.

“From July to date, the company has made almost 29,000 flights and has been the most punctual airline at the Mexico City International Airport, with a departure timeliness of 81.3% and arrival times of 78.8%.”

“These results are 4 percentage points above the general average of that air terminal, and 13 percentage points above the other two main operators in that station,” he said in a statement.

Aeroméxico also detailed that from January to July of this year, the company received a complaint for every 20,000 customers served and each case has been given timely follow-up under the airline’s internal processes and those dictated by Profeco.

This is not the first time that the owner of the Profeco details about flights canceled by the airline and that leaves passengers affected. .

This Monday, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, criticized the airlines for not having the staff and blamed them for the problems in the AICM.

“Now that they were talking about the airport, the same thing, since there were interests there that controlled everything, the Secretary of the Navy came in to put order and the queues began, ‘no, because there are no more personnel, they were all taken there to the Felipe Ángeles airport and so’.

“And there are no personnel, to speak in silver, in the airlines. It is not a customs issue, it is not an issue that has to do with the administration of the airport, all of that was corrected because we are attentive”.

“Do you know that security was reported on Friday and in the report of the Secretary of the Navy it was announced that in the month not a single suitcase has been lost at the Mexico City airport,” said the chief executive.

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