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Aeroméxico plane aborts landing due to saturation on AICM runway

Aeroméxico flight 762 aborted a landing due to saturation on the runway at the Mexico City International Airport, in the midst of the debate on the problems in the redesign of airspace.

The flight, coming from Bogotá, Colombia, had to take off again, when it was about to land on the AICM, on Wednesday, May 11 around 8:25 p.m., according to the newspaper El País.

Two of the journalists from this international media, who were on this flight, reported that through the windows of the aircraft it was already possible to see the hangars and the terminal doors. That is to say, it was in full landing. But, from one moment to another, the plane resumed height at full power.

It was not normal. Well, as the journalists narrate, the flight captain confirmed to the passengers that the decision to take flight again was due to the saturation of the runways.

This is the second incident of this type in less than a week, at the CDMX ‘Benito Juárez’ International Airport. On Saturday, May 8, an incident occurred where a Volaris plane had to fly over again when the pilot realized that another aircraft was parked on the same runway where it had been cleared to land.

This situation caused the resignation of Víctor Manuel Hernández to the direction of Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space.

Various authorities had already warned about the saturation of the airspace around the AICM and, recently, airlines, the government and aeronautical authorities agreed to transfer a significant number of commercial and cargo flights to the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport.

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