NewsAfter a flight into space: space tourist De Vries...

After a flight into space: space tourist De Vries dies in a plane crash

The US entrepreneur Glen De Vries was killed in an airplane accident. In October, he traveled to space alongside William Shatner.

New York – Star Trek actor William Shatner began his journey into space a month ago. At the age of 90, Captain Kirk was actually allowed to explore the “infinite expanses” of space. At his side: US entrepreneur Glen De Vries.

The successful excursion into space is now followed by sad news: According to consistent US media reports from Friday (November 12, 2021), the 49-year-old businessman was killed in an airplane accident.

Space tourist dies: De Vries crashes with an airplane

De Vries, founder of the technology company Mediadata Solutions, took off from Essex County Airport in Cladwell in a small plane on Thursday (11/11/2021). The target of the single-engine machine was an airport in Sussex. The US Federal Aviation Administration reported the aircraft missing at around 3 p.m. Security agencies found the wreck around 4 p.m. in a wooded area of Hampton Township. In addition to De Vries, there was another occupant on board the small aircraft.

The space company Blue Origin, which had made De Vries and Shatner’s flight into space possible, was shocked by the death of the entrepreneur. “We are devastated by the sudden death of Glen de Vries,” said the company on Twitter. “He brought so much life and energy to the entire Blue Origin team and the other crew members.” The background to the crash is still unclear. (aa / dpa)

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