NewsAfter the “Querdenker” party: Another Nena concert canceled

After the “Querdenker” party: Another Nena concert canceled

Your stance on corona rules is making headlines. After a private party by Nena with corona deniers: inside, the next organizer is now canceling her concert.

Tüßling – In Tüßling, Upper Bavaria, the next Nena * concert was canceled for Thursday (August 19, 2021). In the past few weeks, the singer has repeatedly provided for discussion with statements about applicable corona measures. She sympathized with corona deniers: inside an escalated demonstration in Kassel. At a concert in Berlin in mid-July, Nena even called on her fans to simply ignore the Corona rules *. Many organizers reacted, one concert in Berlin was canceled prematurely, others, for example in Wetzlar or Bad Segeberg, were completely canceled.

Nena repeatedly distanced herself from the “lateral thinker” scene and repeatedly asserted that she did not want to be understood as a corona denier *. For this reason, the concert in Upper Bavaria should take place in spite of everything. The organizers, who have now canceled the concert of the pop icon in Tüßling for Thursday, stated on their website that they had initially stuck to the event because only a few weeks ago Nena had her management emphasize that she “in no way sympathize with the ‘lateral thinker’ attitude ”.

Concert canceled despite “lateral thinker” distancing: Nena’s “ideology” cannot be denied

The attempts to distance themselves, however, abruptly lost credibility when Nena celebrated at an event with the radical Corona denier scene in mid-August * – together with numerous conspiracy ideologues, some “Reich citizens” and supporters of the “QAnon” movement. The event at the Katzenbachsee in Baden-Württemberg was given the title “Q-Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The “Q” probably stood for the right-wing extremist conspiracy cult “QAnon”.

Just one day later, Nena justified herself on Facebook for participating in the Corona party. “Dear ones, I do not follow any ideology and reject anything that brings hatred, fear and division,” she writes. “I will not continue to split up and marginalize people just because they may be different, think differently or feel differently than me,” the statement continues.

Sängerin Nena bei einem Auftritt


Singer Nena at a performance: After the “Querdenker” party, another concert is canceled.

But the organizer of their next concert, Cofo Entertainment, was not convinced. It can no longer be denied that Nena supports ‘certain ideologies’ ”, announced the organizer. Although the singer distanced herself from a “lateral thinker” a few weeks ago, there have recently been more and more “negative headlines”. She repeatedly drew attention to herself with harsh criticism of the Corona * measures.

Surname: Gabriele Susanne Kerner
Born: March 24, 1960 (61)
Partner: Philipp Palm
Breakthrough: 99 balloons (1983)
Genre: Neue Deutsche Welle; pop

Next Nena concert after Corona party canceled: No political stage

Actually, the pop singer should have appeared on August 19th at the “back2live – VR Musiksommer”. However, the Cofo managing director Oliver Forster sees the cancellation of the concert in the Bavarian district of Altötting as an unavoidable step: “We want to spread joy and a positive atmosphere with our concerts. That would have been difficult with the latest developments, ”he told the German press agency. “We like to offer a cultural, diverse stage every year – but it shouldn’t be a political stage.” (iwe) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © Michael Kremer / Imago

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