NewsAfter volcanic eruption on Java: number of dead rises...

After volcanic eruption on Java: number of dead rises to 39

Even days after the volcanic eruption, helpers found more deaths on Java. Thousands of people are still unable to go back to their homes because of the high risk.

Jakarta – The death toll has continued to rise following the volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Java. 39 dead have now been rescued, twelve people are still missing, said I Wayan Suyatna of the local rescue services on Wednesday.

Dozens of residents were injured when the 3,700-meter-high Semeru erupted, and more than 4,000 had to leave their homes and seek protection.

Many houses were almost completely buried under ashes. Thousands of those affected were housed in mosques and government buildings, among other places.

The volcano in the east of Indonesia’s most populous island erupted on Saturday. Semeru is the highest mountain on Java and is located in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. He has been increasingly active again since December 2020. The island nation of Indonesia is located on the so-called ring of fire in the Pacific and has almost 128 active volcanoes. dpa

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