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AIFA launches tender for internet and telephony; will pay up to 2.9 million pesos

The Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) launched a tender to hire services from at least three telephone and internet companies, as well as to lease computer equipment from April 22 to December 31, 2022, services for which it will pay up to 2,963,256 pesos.

On April 20, the winner of the tender will be announced, and two days later the contract will be formalized. In the 10 days following the failure of the tender, the connectivity services must be in operation.

The AIFA specified that the company that is awarded is obliged to keep absolute confidentiality during the term of the contract, and after its termination, with respect to all the documentation and information inherent to the subject matter of the invitation.

“The services object of this invitation will be awarded in their entirety to a single bidder, whose offer is solvent, by complying with the legal, technical and economic requirements established in the invitation, guaranteeing compliance with the obligations and quoting the lowest price. ”, specifies the AIFA in the tender document.

The AIFA explained that the companies interested in participating must consider the expenses they have to make for facilities, transfer, supplies, taxes, rights, insurance, bond, licenses, personnel and/or any other concept that is necessary to comply with the provision of the service. service, in the place and under the indicated conditions.

The voice and data service must have the necessary and essential accessories for its correct installation, functioning and operation in accordance with the needs arising from the place, location or possible relocation of the voice and data service.

The internet service must have a bandwidth of 300 megabytes dedicated for telephony with backup, as well as having the necessary bandwidth to provide the service to the data center, for 6,000 users and 600 permanent workstations, commercial posts and daily traders.

In addition, the service must analyze or include the flow of traffic, detect anomalies in it and mitigate DDOS attacks (in the cloud) according to the provider’s network. The internet links provided by the tendered company must be “exclusively for internet services”, that is, the bandwidth will not be shared with other types of traffic, for example, voice or data, in addition to being symmetrical.

The AIFA was inaugurated on March 21 by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. On April 1, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) granted a concession title to AIFA to use and take advantage of frequency bands of the radioelectric spectrum, as well as a single concession title, both for operational use. Connectivity services for users will be provided by telecommunications service operators.

The use of radio spectrum frequencies for public use will be valid for 15 years from the date of notification, while the concession title will be valid for 30 years.

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