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Alert: Profeco calls the owners of these 20,767 cars for review

The automotive companies of General Motors, Volkswagen and Tesla, together with the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco), call on the owners of 20,767 vehicles to carry out a review for various problems detected.

The Profeco explained that these may be related causes, in one case, with the seat belts; in another, with the rear tire mounts, and with the central processing unit (CPU).

Problems detected in General Motors cars

The Tracker-type model is called for revision from 2021 to 2023, of which 14,181 have already been sold, 3,308 are still in warehouses, and 1,147 are still in transit or in General Motors warehouses.

General Motors explained that there is a possibility that in various units, if a collision occurs, sparks are generated when the abdominal pretensioners of the front seat belts are activated, for which the company undertakes to install a protection in the acoustic insulation of the carpet and the lap pretensioners of the front seat belts.

GM explained that so far no case has been registered in Mexico in which this “remote condition” has occurred.

Problems detected in Volkswagen cars

Meanwhile, VW Mexico calls on the owners of 1,664 Tiguan cars from 2021 and 2022 , because there is a possibility that the supports of both rear wheels can corrode, crack and/or break, which can cause an accident.

Therefore, the German automaker explained that the supports of both rear wheels will be reviewed, and if necessary, the left and/or right rear wheel support will be replaced.

He explained that on May 16, a fault was detected in a client but no accident occurred.

Problems detected in Tesla

As for the 467 Tesla vehicles (Model S 2021 and 2022, Model X 2021 and 2022, Model 3 2022 and Model Y 2022), it was found that when updating the software, the CPU might not cool enough to prevent higher temperatures from than expected which can cause the CPU to slow down or reboot.

This can cause the screen to slow down or go black, and make it difficult to use the controls, thus increasing the chance of a collision.

“Derived from the above, the company will send a software update that will improve CPU temperature management. This will mitigate the increase in temperature when the vehicle is in fast charge or preparing for it, which prevents slow processing and restart “, explained Profeco in a statement.

The Profeco explained that the revision of the cars will not cause any cost for the owners.

Profeco will remain alert to the compliance of these three companies and puts at your disposal the Consumer Telephone 55 5568 8722 and the number 800 468 8722, to address complaints and provide advice.

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