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Amazon introduces new digital assistants that extend your WiFi

Amazon returns to your house with new devices. This Wednesday, the company presented its latest range of devices and updates, putting a special emphasis on its Echo digital assistants, which had not received significant changes since 2020.

For the fifth generation of Echo Dot and Echo Dot Clock devices, Amazon integrated a new speaker that offers double the bass of the previous model, as well as reduced distortion by more than 50% and a new temperature sensor, as well as controls. of touch gestures that can work for different actions, such as stopping the music.

However, the most relevant function is the integration of the company’s Eero system, with which these devices will be able to function as a WiFi extender so that users have a better signal in dead zones.

The version without a screen will be priced at $49.99, while the version with the LED dot screen, which is now brighter and will show more information, will cost $59.99, as will the new versions of the Echo Dot Kids.

Amazon also announced a couple of new features for its range of screen devices, such as co-creating stories kids can make with Alexa from choosing concepts or characters, and Shop the look, an AI-based way of shopping that recognizes items from photos and searches for them in the Amazon catalog.

Kindle for reading and writing

During its annual event, the company’s first announcement was Kindle Scribe, a device where, in addition to reading, you can write with a stylus that does not need a battery and works as if it were electronic ink.

The new Kindle Scribe has a 10.2-inch screen and one of its main features is that the notes that the user writes are automatically organized for easy reference. Its battery will depend on how much is written, but Amazon describes that it could last 12 weeks with average hour of reading per day, but only three weeks with half an hour of writing per day.

In addition, it is also possible to send PDF or Word documents to the device, which also has access to the Kindle Store. It is priced at $399 and will be available in the holiday season.

More smart home assistants

The company also showed off Halo Raise, a smart lamp and alarm clock that isn’t activated by any app, but has the ability to record user sleep data through sensors and machine learning.

Before bed, the device can be associated with Alexa to start a relaxation routine. During the night, the sensors also have the ability to measure the level of humidity or light in the room so that the user can optimize their room and have a better night. At dawn, the gadget mimics sunlight to wake up more calmly. Its price will be 139 dollars.

Last year, Amazon showed off its first home robot, Astro, which helps manage a home in emergencies and is only available to certain people. On this occasion, although the device is still restricted to a smaller audience, Alexa Together was announced, a care service with better alerts and notifications for caregivers.

It has the ability to learn the layout of a home and knows where things are, such as windows, in order to tell them that they are open when they shouldn’t be. It also detects pets to keep an eye on them and can be associated with Ring devices to proactively send alarms.

In security matters, Amazon announced a new range of cameras, both exterior and interior, with greater capabilities to identify the distance of the people it detects in the frame. Their prices range from $29.99 to $229.99 and will be available later this year.

On the home connectivity side, the company talked about other news for its Eero line and improving the Wi-Fi in a home with Eero Poe 6, which provides Wi-Fi 6 for $299.99, Eero PoE Gateway, which is focused on a business internet for $649.99. However, both devices have been announced for the United States and Canada for the time being.

More forms of entertainment to close the event

At the end of the event, Amazon presented new entertainment devices, among which the Fire TV Cube stood out, which delivers content in 4K Ultra HD quality, in addition to being the company’s first Wi-Fi 6 streaming player.

It has different HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports, as well as voice controls and its price is $139.99 with availability starting October 25. On the other hand, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro was also announced, which controls all the actions of the television and can also perform routines with buttons that are programmed for that purpose. It will be available in November for $34.99.

The latest novelty that was presented was Fire TV Omni QLED, a television that will be available in 65 and 75 inches with adaptive lighting with respect to the environment and with widget technology (like Echo Show 15), where you can see calendars, notes for other people or control actions of other devices. Its price will be 799.99 dollars, but only its availability in the US and Canada was mentioned.

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