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Andalusia adds 1,412 cases and falls of a thousand hospitalized with coronavirus

The data coming from Andalusia continue to show a stabilization of the pandemic, one more day the number of new cases continues to be around a thousand. This figure was lowered this week, although it has experienced a slight rebound these days. The good course towards the end of this fourth wave is reflected with a reference rate that continues to decline, coming down a few tenths the day before. This Thursday the Andalusians continue to obtain positive records such as the decrease of the thousand hospitalized with coronavirus in their hospitals. Andalusia registers 1,412 cases and its rate continues to decrease 📉 Evolution of #COVID ー 19 in # Andalusia in the last 24 hours. ✅ Junta de Andalucía (@AndaluciaJunta) May 20, 2021 Andalusia has experienced a slight increase compared to the previous day in terms of the number of infections. On Tuesday, the lowest figure for weeks was reached, managing to be below 1,000 new positives, although it rose again the next day. The pandemic has remained stable around a thousand for weeks in this community. 1,412 infections this Thursday are registered after 1,144 on Wednesday, 938 on Tuesday, 1,497 on Monday and Sunday, 1,087 on Saturday, 1,602 of Friday and 1,306 of the previous Thursday. By provinces, Seville is once again the one with the most positives with 475, followed by Granada with 210, Malaga with 200, Huelva with 132, Cádiz with 127, Jaén with 133, Córdoba with 69 and Almería with 66. These data are key to lower the reference rate. The cumulative incidence rate Andalusia stands at 164.8, 0.6 tenths below that registered this Wednesday and 6.4 points lower than that of seven days ago. The decrease in this rate has been a constant for weeks. 13 deaths and fewer hospitalized with coronavirus in Andalusia 🏥📈 Graph with the evolution of hospital admissions for #coronavirus in # Andalusia. #COVID ー 19 ✅ – Junta de Andalucía (@AndaluciaJunta) May 20, 2021 In the last 24 hours there have been 13 deaths, the province that has added the most deaths is Seville again with five, followed by Malaga and Granada with two, respectively, while Cádiz, Córdoba, Huelva and Jaén add one each. Almería is the only province that manages not to add any deceased today. Andalusia has once again dropped one thousand hospitalized for coronavirus this Thursday, registering 978, which means 47 less than the previous day, 149 less than a week ago. While those admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) also fell and stood at 258, nine less than the day before and 40 less than seven days ago.

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