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Andalusia already sees the light: 2 million immunized and 50% of those over 16 years old, at least one dose

Andalusia has surpassed this Wednesday the barrier of 2,000,000 immunized – 2,035,431 and 60,238 more in 24 hours – with the complete vaccination schedule and is already making giant strides towards herd immunity . In addition, more than half of Andalusians over 16 years -50.5% – have already received at least one dose of the vaccine.

The Board has vaccinated 122,000 people in the last day and has already administered -data until Tuesday, June 8- a total of 5,473,882 doses of the vaccine against Covid-19, which represents 93.6% of the received. Last week it closed with almost 600,000 doses inoculated .

By age group, the group of people over 80 years old is 102.4% in relation to the complete regimen, while those between 70 and 79 years old 99.3% have at least one dose and 96 , 7% two; from 60 to 69 years, 92.5% have a dose and 24.3% the complete cycle, and from 50 to 59 years, 83% have at least one dose and 32.4% the complete vaccination regimen.

Thus, according to the data provided daily by the Andalusian Government’s Ministry of Health and Families , 24% of the community population already has the complete vaccination schedule – 28.8% with respect to the population over 16 years of age. – and 42.2% have at least one dose -50.5% of those over 16-.

Andalusia has received a total of 5,848,100 doses, of which 5,473,882 have been administered. Of the total inoculated, 103.8% are from Pfizer (3,912,738), while 81.5% belong to AstraZeneca (1,054,602), 77.7% to Moderna (432,559) and 32.6 % to Janssen (73,983).

Vaccination by provinces

By provinces , until Tuesday June 8 in Seville a total of 1,236,579 -27,061 more have been administered in one day- and 449,442 people have already completed the vaccine -11,144 more-, while in Malaga the total dose amounts to the moment to 1,034,311 -23,990 more- and the people with both already inoculated are 378,595 -10,313 more-.

In Cádiz there are 807,646 vaccinations administered -17,688 more- and people with the complete regimen add up to 301,524 -10,285 more-; in Granada , 613,987 those administered -13,599 more- and 232,262 people with the complete pattern -7,348 more-; and in Córdoba , 568,248 the doses administered -12,063 more- and 218,688 people with the complete schedule of the vaccine -7,195 more-.

Finally, the total of doses administered in Jaén is 443,558 -8,978 more-, with 169,686 people with the complete regimen -3,756 more-; in Almería , 437,355 -10,404 more- and 160,900 have completed the guideline -6,270 more-; and in Huelva 332,198 are the administered doses -8,218 more- and 124,334 the immunized ones -3,927 more-.

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