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Andalusia coronavirus: lowers its rate by 4 points and reduces the number of hospitalized with Covid

Andalusia slightly increases today the number of new positive respects yesterday. On Tuesday it was possible to descend from the barrier of one thousand cases, this Wednesday this figure has once again been exceeded, although by little. The vaccination rate is accelerating in this autonomous community and with the good feelings that are being collected in terms of data. The contagions are maintained and the reference falls again, almost four points are those that this important indicator falls in a single day. Andalusia is advancing towards the end of a fourth wave that has affected all of Europe. Andalusia adds 1,144 cases and drops the rate 📉 Evolution of #COVID ー 19 in # Andalucía in the last 24 hours by 4 points. ✅ Junta de Andalucía (@AndaluciaJunta) May 19, 2021 One more day the figures for new infections remain stable, around 1,000 new cases. An amount that was reduced yesterday, but today it has been slightly exceeded. Andalusia continues its struggle to reach the end of a fourth wave that has been lower than the previous two in terms of new positives. The 1,144 infections this Wednesday are registered after the 938 of this Tuesday, the 1,497 of this Monday and Sunday , 1,087 on Saturday, 1,602 on Friday, 1,306 on Thursday and 1,294 on the previous Wednesday. By provinces, Seville is once again the one with the most positives with 338, followed by Malaga with 159, Huelva with 147, Granada with 146, Córdoba with 121, Cádiz with 98, Jaén with 89 and Almería with 46. Only one province is by above 200 cases The benchmark indicator of the progress of the pandemic continues to decline, the cumulative incidence rate in Andalusia stands at 165.4, 3.7 points below that registered this Tuesday and is 9.7 points lower than seven days ago. An achievement that has been achieved thanks to the efforts of all Andalusians. 16 deceased and those hospitalized in Andalusia decrease 🏥📈 Graph showing the evolution of hospital admissions due to #coronavirus in # Andalusia. #COVID ー 19 ✅ – Junta de Andalucía (@AndaluciaJunta) May 19, 2021 Almería is the only province that does not register deaths this Wednesday. The 16 deaths from the coronavirus in Andalusia this Wednesday have occurred in Seville with six, followed by Huelva with three, Cádiz and Jaén with two, respectively, while Malaga, Granada and Córdoba add one each. Andalusia records the latter. 24 hours a drop in hospitalized after two consecutive days of increases and stands at 1,025, 28 less than this Tuesday and 142 less than the same day last week. Those admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fell again and stood at 267, nine less than the day before and 40 less than seven days ago.

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