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Andalusia drops one thousand hospitalized after a month and a half in a week with 450,000 vaccinations

This Sunday, May 16, Andalusia has managed to lower the one thousand hospitalized with coronavirus. This is the lowest figure for a month and a half, on March 29 this number of people hospitalized due to this disease was exceeded. After 5 days of marked decline and dozens of people who have been able to return home overcoming this disease, the figure of 976 patients with coronavirus has been reached in Andalusian hospitals. Added to this good data is the advance of vaccination, with 450,000 doses in one week. Andalusia drops to 976 hospitalized and gives 450,000 vaccines in a week 💉 Vaccination #COVID ăƒŒ 19 in # AndalucĂ­a. đŸ˜· 36.55% of Andalusians over 16 years of age are vaccinated with at least one dose and 17.88% with the complete schedule. # AndalucĂ­aTeCuida 💚 – Junta de AndalucĂ­a (@AndaluciaJunta) May 16, 2021 For the fifth consecutive day, those hospitalized in Andalusia decrease and an important barrier is overcome, that of 1,000 cases. The lowest figure since March 29, 64 less than the day before and 173 less than the same day last week. Those admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) decreased for the sixth day in a row to 272, four less than this Saturday and 49 less than seven days ago. This fourth wave is far from the previous figures, to the third wave on 2 In February, it reached 4,980, in the second, on November 10, there were 3,478 hospitalized and in the first, on March 30, 2020, it is the one that has had the least 2,708 admitted. The less than a thousand hospitalized patients this Sunday are moving away from the peaks of this pandemic.The other outstanding data of the day is the good rhythm of vaccination in Andalusia. As of Saturday, May 15, a total of 3,779 have been administered.473 doses of the vaccine against covid-19, 12,362 more in 24 hours, which represents 97.33% of the doses received, and a total of 1,263,403 Andalusians have the complete vaccination schedule, 2,784 more than one day behind, while 2,581,693 already have at least one dose. On weekends the vaccination continues its course, in this way Andalusia does not stop at anything and continues to administer the available vaccines at a good pace. This has been the week with the most doses given, 444,819 vaccinations from Sunday, May 9 to this Saturday, May 15. Andalusia registers 17.88% with the complete guideline among those over 16 years of age, 14.92% when compared to the entire population, being one of the communities with the highest vaccination.

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