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Andrés Cepeda presents “Lo que se va” with Ximena Sariñana

With midi elements and electronic instruments, the Grammy winner takes the risk of presenting a single in which he proves his versatility. This single is the result of several months of work with Ximena Sariñana.

After presenting his thirteenth album “Trece” with great success and winning the Latin Grammy for his work “Compadres” with Fonseca, Andrés Cepeda does not stop producing studio music and surprises with an epic joint in “Lo que se va” . This time Ximena Sariñana adds her talent and avant-garde to this fresh and innovative proposal.

“Lo que se va”, as this new single is titled, is a song with a modern touch that arises from several months of work between Andrés and Ximena , in which they contributed and collaborated until obtaining the result they set out to achieve, it is a story of a love is fading until it reaches its end.

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This new song, which explores different sounds, confirms Cepeda’s versatility to use samplers, drum machines, synthesizers and other tools that he does not usually use, that he had been collecting and kept in his cellar of musical instruments. The theme is built with midi elements and programming, with a modern touch given by the electronic instruments used, which explore a different sound very close to Latin and romantic music, which moves between the bolero, the son and sounds of the Caribbean.

The composition was in charge of Javier Andrés Cuello and Giovanny Andrés Fernández Manzur . It was recorded between Mexico City, the United States and Colombia; featured the work of producer George Noriega at Cutting Cane Studios in Miami.

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The video clip was produced by Madlove and directed by Jhonny Hendrix, in an intentionally minimalist setting, but full of color , in which the rhythm, harmony and melody of the song are constructed, piece by piece, to finally give entry to Ximena as the maximum element that completes and gives meaning to this musical story.

His most recent album, “Trece”, showed a range of diverse sounds thanks to collaborations with Cali and Dandee, Sebastián Yatra, Morat, Jesse and Joy, Monsiur Periné, but also presenting solo songs such as “El Equivocado”, single that was well received in countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Mexico.

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For her part, the Latin Grammy nominated Mexican singer-songwriter, Ximena Sariñana, responsible for hymns such as “Una vez más” and “Nostalgia”, lends her voice to this project as part of an ongoing series of collaborative projects and in which she also His new album is included, which will be released soon. The also first Goodwill ambassador for UN Women Mexico, presented in recent weeks her single “A no llorar”, a forceful call to speak out against the scourge suffered by many women, especially those from her native Mexico, and that seeks help children and young people in their development with music through the Crescendo con la Música foundation.

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