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Juan Vargas, with a magnifying glass on producers and composers

From the studio of this businessman, manager and executive producer, songs have been released for Latin artists such as J Balvin, Juanes, Maluma, Karol G and Sech, among others.

How did you come up with the idea of creating an organization for producers and songwriters?

It arises because I worked as an assistant for a long time and when I met Keytin I realized that I was not made for that, but for something else. I analyzed the situation and understood that it was an area that had no support; then I started to be a manager of songwriters and producers, because nobody defended the brains behind each song so that they would pay them what it is and value their participation in the music.

How do you identify a good composer?

I think one of the important things is talent. However, it is also a selection of people and good energies, that one matches the person and that she herself can contribute to the good work environment. Talent is undoubtedly very important, but with so much experience in music, one has a certain discernment to listen to what can and cannot work.

What characteristics must a song have to be well interpreted?

What happens is that each genre has its inclination, its specific words and rhythms, nobody can know which song will be a hit or which will not, but one can know which song is for a certain artist, when you know them well, you know why where your tilt goes. For example, I already know what kind of music to present to Luis Fonsi, he is a person who does a lot of pop, so obviously we are not going to send him a reference that is sung on a reggaeton track.

How does JC Entertainment work?

The company is dedicated to several things, there is a segment that is dedicated to artists, where profiles are created, the same music that we sell is supplied by our own artists, and although none have come out yet, we already have them ready to premiere . There are some artists who are pop, others who are rappers and others who sing reggaeton. On the other hand, there is the composition team, which not only has Keytin, but also integrates other composers focused on pop. We also have four producers and with them we are dedicated to the bit part, in that we are very versatile.

What are the qualities that a composer or producer must have to be in your organization?

More than all it is talent and good energy, there is no specific requirement, the music is to insist. There are people who insist on me so much that I end up listening to it, but it is not so good or there are others who insist until I listen and like it. I am also a person who does not like to fill up with many people, because it can be a bit irresponsible; You cannot control so many things at the same time, so I prefer to maintain exclusivity in that sense. I am very selective when it comes to having a different talent.

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How does the idea of looking at the music business from another angle change?

Music also follows trends, so one follows these new trends and rhythms. For example, these days Camilo came out singing bachata and more than one artist wanted to start making bachata songs, there was also a time when Afrobeat began to sound a lot, and everyone started to adopt that rhythm; yes, without leaving aside the essence.

Do you consider that a musician does the song or the song does it to him?

The musician totally does the song. There are different ways in which each singer interprets the songs. While a Luis Fonsi can go higher in the vowels, there are others that can be lower or modify things in the songs. There are songs that are sent complete and many times the artists change a rap, two or three words, because they fit it into their vocabulary or there are songs that have a very obscene vocabulary and they don’t like it, so they modify those kinds of words.

What was the most difficult in the beginning?

The hardest thing was making them believe in me. There are many people in the industry, but being given the responsibility is very difficult, even if I had many friends and I already knew them from many years ago, when I arrived with Keytin, because everyone said, this is anybody, but When we started to release songs like Culpables, by Manuel Turizo, and Pa ‘Forget You, by ChocQuibTown, it was when everyone began to understand that there was someone behind those songs and things began to happen. It is not luck, it is about insisting and having perseverance.

What are the challenges now?

We have four musical projects that will be the first to be released and continue to grow, continuing to supply the needs of production and composition. There is another challenge that I am going to take on and that is that I am entering the world of series and television. It is a project that with patience has become a purpose and a new opportunity.