EconomyAny expense related to education is the best investment

Any expense related to education is the best investment

(Expansion) – We are starting a new school year and this always brings great expectations, illusions and challenges, the same applies to students or teachers. The law of life does not stop, the natural thing is to yearn and always go forward, grow, mature but also acquire more knowledge to open the gap in the professional world.

Any expense related to education is the best investment we can make, regardless of the school grade; the more steps we advance we will have many more advantages. It is important to remember that during our lives we continue to learn and, as paradoxical as it sounds, even in death we perfect ourselves.

The pandemic has revolutionized the educational system due to the rapid adaptations and technological incorporations, but also due to the economic situation. In some cases, the gaps in access to quality higher education are being closed, which means that more and more young people see their development opportunities truncated, and let’s not mention inclusion in working life after completing their studies and that find a well-paying job.

This scenario could pose the perfect storm, however, there are elements that allow us to see the light and I would like to insist -in this collaboration- on the importance of incorporating the issue of education into family budgets, even for parents that they have just been, consider it from day one.

I reiterate, the best legacy for our children is education. Once we have a guard, it is important to place it in an investment instrument with which we feel most comfortable and that can offer us attractive returns as a reward for patience and perseverance.

In the market there are coverages to create this heritage for education, often accompanied by life insurance. These are great tools because they help you build the habit of saving. Take into account that you must forget this capital, as well as your toxic ex, otherwise, you will be tempted to take it out and use it for something else. It is a good example for the little ones, goal set, goal accomplished and in the end they are dreams with a deadline.

Other options, relatively new in our country, are educational credits, in other countries like the United States it is very common for institutions to offer these instruments to young people in the fundamental stage of their lives. Here, little by little, we are building that culture of using credit in our favor in something that really becomes an asset.

Only consider in the credit option, the conditions such as the rate, if there are penalties for early payments and the time to complete the obligation. As I mentioned, in our country it is still not that common, almost always the educational institutions themselves offer some type of scholarship or financing, whether for academic or sports excellence, but if you want to extend your postgraduate studies, the educational credit can be a great option.

When I make these reflections and share about the options to continue studying, I am especially grateful to my parents for giving me the best gift. It is fair to pay tribute to our parents for driving us to achieve our dreams and making the investment of their lives in us, let them see it pay off.

And for those who have single-handedly advanced their careers, be proud of what you have achieved, your dedication and commitment will be rewarded, you are their great satisfaction.

Editor’s note: Adolfo Ruiz Guzmán is a graduate of the Bachelor of Communication Sciences and the MBA from the Universidad Anáhuac México Campus Sur, has different certifications and specialties, among them, Investment Strategies Advisor by the AMIB, by the IORTV in Spain and Harvard Business School; in addition to being an aviator pilot by the AIRE School. He currently works as Director of Communication and Public Relations of Grupo Financiero B×+, national and international speaker. He has a 13-year career in communication in the financial sector and promoter of the creation of financial culture in our country. Follow him on . The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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