Are we in the third wave of fintech?

In Mexico, the authorization of fintech operations has been given slowly and, therefore, the sector cannot have accelerated growth or reach its maximum potential, points out Nick Grassi.

Investment fund, an option for me?

This instrument could be a viable option if you are a new investor or do not have much knowledge about how and where to invest, says Alejandra Vargas.

How to improve communication with investors in times of volatility

A solid communication plan must always consider the best case, the worst case and the base case in good and difficult times, points out María José González de Cossío.

Importance of ESG disclosure and its incorporation into investment processes

Some companies may be making these changes due to the demand of certain interest groups and not because they are truly committed to the issue, says Roberto Ballinez.

#DataDeLaSemana: The role of investment towards economic recovery

The ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Mexican economy affected investment more than other engines of the economy, such as employment or exports, says Brenda Flores.

Foreign investment and employment in Mexico, are they getting simpler?

It is expected that under the T-MEC the unionized workforce, on both sides of the border, will exert pressure to comply with labor technicalities, say Jeremy Roth and Jorge Sales.

Shell discusses its exit from the largest oil field in the US

Royal Dutch Shell intends to focus on its most profitable oil and gas assets, as well as increasing its low-carbon investments.

The value of the investment

Investment in training should not only be in matters directly related to the work that a worker develops, it should be invested in their personal development, says Mauricio Hubard.


Martín: "I'm ready to have a great second part of the season"

Jorge Martín wants to distance himself from the media noise surrounding the decision that Ducati must make regarding the future and focus on enjoying riding, as he did at Silverstone.

When swimming in the sea: dozens of bathers complain about bites

A popular food fish is suspected of biting bathers. More than 40 fish attacks are reported from France. Is climate change to blame?

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Thylacoleo, the marsupial lion of Australia

This animal had the greatest bite force of all mammals.

Toyota offers to buy back vehicles with falling tires

The Japanese offered the possibility of choosing between a loan and an incentive package or the complete repurchase of the car.