EconomyFinancialSilvina Moschini, unicorn look and “hunter” questions

Silvina Moschini, unicorn look and “hunter” questions

“I have a strong leaning toward women entrepreneurs, so I often ask myself, ‘Am I doing this because she’s a female entrepreneur, or am I doing this because I believe in her business?’” . Silvina Moschini’s reflection aloud surprises , but also her own colleagues from the Circle of Money , because she has decided to change her vote towards the end of the episode.

Throughout the different episodes of the show, Moschini contributes her vast career as a technology entrepreneur through very specific questions ( “When do you expect to reach 1,000 million dollars in sales?”, she asked the founders of ) but also direct praise. Thus, he did not hesitate to strongly encourage Mihir Shah, CEO of UE Life Sciences: “You are standing on the head of the unicorn! You shouldn’t be conservative!”

Through her company, , a device that identifies various types of breast cancer in just minutes without pain or radiation. When giving her verdict, Silvina based her support on the impact of innovation but also on the destination of the investment: “I want to support your company, I want to support you with marketing and, what is more important to me, I want to help you to hire more women engineers for your team”.

looking at the potential

As a hunter of emerging companies, Silvina knows how to empathize with entrepreneurs but also find the answers that all potential investors would like to hear . For that reason, he always digs deep into the business models that are presented to him and gets involved to fully understand them: “Do you charge implementation costs and then charge per license? Have you considered switching to a transaction model?” , wanted to know before the CEO of a company that combines machine learning with culinary habits and grocery stores.

At the time of the deliberations, the instance of the show in which the jurors exchange their impressions before giving the verdict, Silvina does not hesitate to praise those unicorns whose potential she sees clearly . About , CEO of Forte, said: “ Their technology is super scalable. She knows what she’s doing, she knows her numbers .”

But that visionary look does not prevent him from making warnings that can be vital for the future of any product. I like the concept but not the brand. And I think that the brand is extremely important ”, he will tell the CEO of , a company that developed a “capsule” that provides aerobic benefits in 20-minute sessions. Although for its creators it represents a true revolution for the fitness of the future, Silvina insists that the marketing strategy must be reviewed if the desired objectives are to be achieved.

Versatile, concise and persevering when it comes to recognizing all the aspects of a future unicorn, Silvina is a “hunter” who focuses on three fundamental elements of any innovative company: disruption, the conviction of its creators and the aim of solving and impacting globally.

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