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Professionalization, the big step for the consolidation of Influencer Marketing

(Expansion) – The Influencer Marketing industry has caught the attention of millions of people around the world, positioning itself as one of the main trends in communication and marketing strategies for companies. In Latin America, a 60% growth in its investment is expected at the end of 2022.

The results obtained motivated those in charge of these areas to allocate a greater percentage of their strategies and their budget to digital campaigns.

The Mexican market is one of the most active in the region and is expected to continue to consolidate in the coming years. Every day new content creators are born who create their channels as a way to communicate and have fun, but not professionally. However, it is increasingly noticeable how the group that adopted it as their main source of income is growing and they manage it as what it really is: a profession.

Its great promoter has been the MarTech Industry and the growth in internet access in the population, which has allowed different audiences to join social networks and platforms. An example of this is the Tik Tok social network, which began as an application aimed at centennials and although it is still the largest segment, millennials are progressively increasing their consumption.

This expanded the opportunities for the industry to communicate with their audiences that are now being exploited by brands, along with content creators.

However, the ignorance of certain factors by new talents still prevails when they approach brands to offer their content. Many of these topics range from tax matters to companies’ corporate guidelines. It is at this point that the professionalization of the Influencer becomes relevant for the whole: the Digital Marketing ecosystem, since in this way it seeks to resolve concerns, train them in rapid learning processes and advance in the necessary parameters for their practice. present and future.

An industry that becomes professional

It is essential to involve those who have a long history in the market and are experienced influencers in the process, since they have worked with big brands and taken this relationship to another level, thanks to their way of working and the positive results they have obtained; It goes hand in hand with creating and consuming quality content.

The professionalization process must include learning how to work with brands, understand their rhythm, language and target audience, in order to enhance their activities and create valuable content for these audiences. In addition, a constant updating process is required to keep abreast of trends, technological tools and the use of new formats available on each network.

One of the most important parts in this path of professionalization is the regulatory area which, being a relatively new and innovative business, usually takes time to prepare, approve and apply. So far there is no specific regulation for the exercise of Influencer Marketing in Mexico, but we hope that it will be included in the agenda for years to come.

To advance on this legal issue, an organization of all the parties involved in Digital Marketing is necessary, a forecast of what the industry is and will be in the short, medium and long term, and a collection of lessons learned from its exercise with the Over the years. In this way it is possible to articulate both independent creators and production teams, managers and representation agencies.

In the end, what is expected is to promote transparency in the industry, in which professionals can be counted on to accept, understand and execute the regulations; but that, in addition, they generate quality content and that they work with good practices that benefit not only their activity, but also the reputation of the brands and the experience of the clients.

With professionalization, we all end up benefiting and we will move forward to improve the conditions in which a mature Influencer Marketing is exercised and at the level of the global market.

Editor’s note: Paulina Fagoaga is FLUVIP’s spokesperson for Latin America. Follow her on . The opinions published in this column correspond exclusively to the author.

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