Strategy and Marketing

The importance of unifying customer data

For any organization it is essential to have the best allies to learn how to define customer loyalty strategies.

Shortage in the retail industry: 5 tips to optimize inventory

The import of products has its charm, but today it is not necessarily the best option. The complexity and cost of importing from Asian countries is estimated to stabilize until 2024.

Business vision: develop the 6 C's of the 'Creator Economy'

The most important thing a creator must have in order to increase their growth is to have built a personal brand with innovative content, points out Lina Cáceres.

How to improve communication with investors in times of volatility

A solid communication plan must always consider the best case, the worst case and the base case in good and difficult times, points out María José González de Cossío.

The world without online cookies will have to wait

Google announced that it has delayed its cookieless initiative until 2024, so that there are more alternatives to preserve user privacy.

What distinguishes Gen Z consumers?

While millennials grew up honing and filtering their lives on Instagram, Gen Z wants authenticity and is tired of over-production, says Diego Prusky.

Retail Media: how Mercado Ads consolidates a new way of advertising

In the panel "The competition for the digital gondola and retail media", organized by Comunidad M México, the strengths of the new medium were highlighted to develop 360 campaigns that accelerate ROI

The crown goes to Mexico at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity

Grupo Modelo, Corona and the We Believers agency received the first Titanium Lion for Mexico, in recognition of the creative excellence of their campaign "The classic in history."


Family: Anne Heche will probably not survive the accident

The US actress crashed into a house at high speed – after the crash, her car caught fire. Heche's family is now examining whether their organs can be donated. That was Heche's wish.

Arctic warming almost four times faster than global

Climate change is clearly noticeable in the Arctic - even more than in other regions of the world. This has to do with polar amplification, write researchers in a study.

Must Read

F1 promises that they will not hold more than 24 races in 2023

F1 president Stefano Domenicali explained that they are still making adjustments to the 2023 calendar, but that they will not reach 25 races.

These are the 3 key points of Joe Biden's climate and health plan

The project, if approved in Congress, will be the largest investment in the history of the North American country in the fight against climate change.