EconomyThe success of Influencer Marketing campaigns

The success of Influencer Marketing campaigns

(Expansion) – Influencer marketing is one of the sources of greatest investment in the development of the ” creator economy ” which in 2022 will reach 18 billion dollars, and its importance is due to the fact that creators become the bridge so that brands can conquer communities and can establish strategies to obtain new clients and achieve exponential results.

Although its effectiveness is more than proven, it is important to know that a clear strategy is needed to obtain the desired results and, for this, it is necessary to have three factors:

1. Co-creation

If a brand is allying itself with a content creator, it is because by analyzing their profile and finding that, in addition to having good numbers, they have values that are aligned with theirs, that they make content with social responsibility and that they have a solid community. Therefore, it is important that they participate in the creativity of the campaign that is going to be communicated because, if the brand wants to make its audience fall in love, the one who knows the perfect storytelling to do so is the creator.

So the most important thing is to establish a work plan where both participate, for example holding a brief meeting, where the brand tells the creator what they want to communicate, the objectives and insights, because it is clear that there is no one who knows better. to brand your team.

With this information, the creator will be able to better work on his proposal of how to communicate it and later have a meeting of both sides to make adjustments and with this, agree on what he wants to record to create a successful campaign and, of course, aimed at achieving what he wants. the brand wants, according to the style with which the creator captivates his community.

2. Understand what a collaboration is

More than a commissioned job, this is a magical relationship where both parties know that neither has more power than the other and that decisions are based on what works best to achieve the objectives set.

Sometimes the brands think that because they work with young people they have to execute orders and also on other occasions the creator believes that because they have millions of followers they have the last word; It is more than proven that the only way to build bearable relationships is by discussing ideas, reviewing our differences and reaching agreements that will enrich the project.

3. Constancy

Understand that a relationship with a content creator is not established by a post, but quite the opposite, the credibility of that alliance is confirmed when there is long-term work and we create the influencer marketing funnel, from starting a relationship with “ awareness ”, interest, consideration, intention to reach the long-awaited conversion.

Today more than ever it is important to establish lasting relationships in a world that seems so ephemeral.

Applying these three factors, any brand, personal brand or entrepreneurship will be able to take its next marketing campaign to exceed the expected results, because it will obtain an exponential result.

Editor’s note: Lina Cáceres is CEO of Latin World Digital and Vice President of Latin World Entertainment’s Digital Department of Artist Development, Commercial and New Business. Follow her on , , and/or write to her at [email protected] The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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