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“Anyone who hesitates is dead” (ARD): Frankfurt-Tatort with love and freedom

ARD’s new Frankfurt crime scene skilfully plays with the familiar and answers the old question of whether cats or dogs are better.

Frankfurt – The first crime scene on ARD after the summer break comes from the Hessischer Rundfunk from Frankfurt and pleasantly straight to the point. Four dogs kidnap a snob, because the dog masks of those in question are extremely convincing and the young man plays a nice golf. Those who look at Tatort have eyes in their heads on the one hand, and on the other hand they can afford prejudice against snobbies. Most of the time it works.

One of the dogs is killed during the kidnapping, the others send the ex and the snob’s father a finger each, which, however, does not belong to the snob. The father suspects the son of trying to put him on the cross. He, the father, is a lawyer with criminal energy, whom Bernhard Schütz plays with great sensitivity. The eyes narrowed a little, the posture nonchalant, but ready to jump. At his side in the Frankfurt crime scene is an ETA Hoffmann lackey, Daniel Christensen, and a smart student household worker, Tala al Deen. Father has a crush on her, but he cannot express that, he is rich, but still pathetic, she is beautiful and clever. A crime scene of unspoken trifles and truths.

ARD: Tatort shows Frankfurt in the Kammerspiel – handsome and intense

The kidnapped son, Helgi Schmid, is not without either. His ex, Britta Hammelstein, has connections to a martial arts studio for women in which Christina Große sets the tone. And if the episode “Who hesitates is dead” only consisted of the scene in which Janneke and Brix, Margarita Broich and Wolfram Koch see the martial arts studio’s embarrassing advertising film for strong men, this would be a reason to switch to ARD. Janneke has fun quietly and without embarrassment, Brix looks neutral, but later explains that he laughed inwardly.

Name Role
Margarita Broich Anna Janneke
Wolfram Koch Paul Brix
Christina Große Conny Kaiserling
Britta Hammelstein Bille Kerbel
Helgi Schmid Frederick Seibold t
Bernhard Schütz Konrad Seibold
Tala al Deen Leila el Mansouri
Zazie de Paris Fanny
Isaac Dentler Jonas
Werner Wölbern Attorney General Bachmann t

A subtle, casual scene in the crime scene is what director and book author Petra Lüschow is apparently aiming for, and she succeeds in serving much of what quickly gets comedically over the point, ice-cold. Like the ex’s finger, in the other box carrots for the children. Brix jokes around nicely with the little ones, who are kept out of the action in a sympathetic way. Apparently there is a reliable babysitter who is also annoying. A lot of real life, presented here like a chamber (certainly for Corona reasons, but handsome and intense) in a completely artificial-looking Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

ARD approaches the new Frankfurt crime scene with love and freedom

Corinna Kirchhoff also comes into the picture as a fabulously improbable neighbor of the unpleasant father, who anyway lives in a very improbable area. Who builds and buys such houses, and presumably for a huge amount of money? Of course, the envy of Frankfurt tenants speaks here at the crime scene. Brix and his roommate Fanny (Zazie de Paris) are also looking for an apartment. Afterwards, Fanny will investigate in the martial arts studio, an age-old crime novel, which – because the director and author approaches the matter with love and freedom – is carried out laconically.

“Tatort: If you hesitate, you are dead”

ARD, Sun., 8.15 p.m.

Neighbor Kirchhoff is also the owner of a naughty, vegetarian dog named Bobo. The father has a white cat that he loves more than his son and also more than the smart student. It must be said that things will not turn out well for the white cat. In the eternal conflict between those people who love dogs and those who love cats, the episode “He who hesitates is dead” is relatively clearly on the side of the dog.

Music in the new Frankfurt Tatort: The icing on the cake of the nonchalance of the ARD crime thriller

And although Lüschow works with familiar elements and villains on ARD, you will not necessarily count on the progress of the things she has come up with. Not in detail, not like that.

But what does it mean that Brix, apparently a connoisseur, incorrectly dates the Red Hot Chili Peppers album? He’s wrongly dating it, right?

Handpicked the music of the Frankfurt crime scene by Moritz Krämer, Patrick Reising and Francesco Wilking, which is the icing on the cake of the casualness of this crime thriller. It can also be heard in the bar where Janneke, Brix and Fanny get drunk – Fanny gets drunk for a long time, Janneke and Brix get drunk for a while – and the bar looks like the still life of an old master. Though horrific things happen, things too good to be true also happen. But this is the only way to endure life and injustice. (Judith von Sternburg)

In the first crime scene, which was filmed under Corona conditions, black humor and a difficult father-son relationship play a role.

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