Frankfurter Rundschau

Christmas is delicious only with goose

For some, the roast goose is a firm tradition at Christmas. A recipe for the holidays.

About tough guys and raw potatoes

The adventure flick for Advent: 50 years ago, “Der Seewolf” with Raimund Harmstorf and Edward Meeks was shown on German television for the first time.

Is the Standing Committee on Vaccination too slow?

Politicians should increase the body instead of criticizing it.

"Does anyone know what happened to the rest?"

People in London mock their Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square: some see it as a metaphor for the state of the nation, others see parallels with Boris Johnson's head of hair.

Police shout "Hermann" in the first: Another Germany?

The Brandenburg police call "Hermann" tells a story of guilt and reparation.

A feast for the ugly sweater

How a US tradition becomes a Christmas habit in this country too.

Roll the dice with vertebrae

"High Score" is a dice game with simple rules - and yet varied. A review.

Mother and daughter between flour dust and the smell of chocolate

About a Christmas tradition that began in 1983.


Winter weather in Germany: Sunday brings "a white surprise" in the north

Many hope for a white Christmas. Currently, however, the weather is increasingly making the roads slippery. The snowfall also lasts.

Five dead discovered in house in Brandenburg – police investigate after terrible find

Terrible find near Berlin: the police discovered several dead people in a house in Königs Wusterhausen, Brandenburg.

Must Read

Volcano on La Palma: Institute publishes impressive images of the "Lava Jet"

The volcanic eruption on La Palma never ends. The volcano in the Cumbre Vieja is explosive again and destroys a lot of land. A monitoring point could be closed.

News agencies build European newsrooms

16 news agencies are planning a European newsroom in Brussels with the support of the EU Commission. Operations are scheduled to begin in the middle of next year.