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Apple will be on Android with the version of iOS 15

Apple began its World Developers Conference (WWDC), with the announcement of new versions for the different operating systems of its devices, including iOS 15 for the iPhone, the most relevant device for the Cupertino company , California.

Regarding the iPhone operating system, one of the most relevant aspects are the improvements in FaceTime, where it will have new functionalities such as spatial audio, to feel that the person is in the same place and make more comfortable calls, or voice isolation, that prioritizes the person over the ambient sound.

This app will have new display options, such as placing a grid of people who are chatting or portrait mode, and it will also be possible to share experiences such as music or movies through SharePlay, which works both in Apple and third-party apps. However, one of the most attractive elements is that FaceTime can finally be used on Android devices through a browser.

On the other hand, the Messages app will have the possibility of reacting in a single click, while in the case of texts or news links, there will be a new tab in Apple News of what users have shared, as well as information about whose comes the shared content.

One of the most relevant novelties of iOS 15 is the summary of notifications, because under the idea of having a balance between work and life, Apple now has a new image for notifications through a summary that can even be scheduled, to review them at any time during the day.

In this new system it will be possible to access a function through which “do not disturb” messages are sent when this tool is activated. In this sense, another interesting option is “Focus”, where an activity is chosen and only notifications related to it are received. This can be done automatically from contextual issues, such as the schedule or manually, choosing for example “work” to receive information from apps related to this.

In relation to the camera, iOS 15 will incorporate the Live Text function, which will highlight texts from the camera, images or photographs to select, copy and even send it through an email. To improve the experience with photographs, Photos Memories will be integrated, where it will be possible to choose photos and add music, apply improvements in image quality, so that these personalized collections are more attractive to the user.

Also, Spotlight will allow you to search for photos. In addition, it will give better results when searching for contacts giving information such as content that has been shared between the two, where it is if it is activated in Find My, to mention a few examples.

Wallet will also have improvements, because through this app you can manage virtual keys to open the doors of houses, cars, offices or even receive the key to a hotel. Likewise, it will be able to store official IDs in the app, which will allow it to be used at checkpoints in US airports.

Climate will have a new design, where there will be graphic improvements to better understand the factors that affect a specific place, while Maps will also receive an update, in which you can see an interactive globe to explore some cities, where a special emphasis on details ranging from business districts, buildings, elevation, or historical or tourist sites.

This update, according to Apple, will reach the general public during the fall of this year, although starting this June 7 a beta will be available for developers, as well as a public beta, available from next month.

On the other hand, the new iPadOS update was also shown, which will have improvements in the organization of the applications, in order to promote multitasking activities. It is worth mentioning that there will be substantial improvements in the Notes and Translation app.

Regarding watchOS 8, the most important changes are the integration of applications for user relaxation, as well as new exercises (Tai Chi and Pilates) as well as new additions related to the Health app, with which it will be easier to track the frequency heart disease, for example, and share it with medical specialists privately.

Likewise, functions of the new version of MacOS Monterey were shown, which will improve the relationship between the devices of the Apple ecosystem through Universal Control, with which iPad and Mac can be connected organically and even use the computer’s trackpad to operate tablet functions and share documents between devices.

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