Apple WWDC

Apple urges iPhone users to download iOS 15.6 due to danger of cyber attacks

There are 39 security vulnerabilities that expose users to remote attacks and loss of sensitive data, including iCloud Photos.

Yana and Ipstori, two Mexican apps that have conquered Apple

The stories behind the founders of these applications inspired the multinational. We tell you about them here.

With the FaceTime update, Apple goes for the Zoom market

Apple's application is the second most used in the United States, and this movement is aimed at replicating that popularity in other countries.

Apple will be on Android with the version of iOS 15

Apple's application to make video calls, FaceTime, will be able to be used on Android devices with the new update, which will integrate new and interesting features.


"Ina's Night": Ina Müller welcomes Torsten Sträter and Elena Uhlig

Ina Müller welcomes two guests to the Hamburg harbor pub “Zum Schellfischposten” in her talk and drinking show “Inas Nacht”.

"Embarrassing": Oliver Pocher's father is ashamed of his own son

Oliver Pocher and father Gerd meet Prince Charles' former butler. Olli deliberately misbehaves and puts everyone's patience to the test.

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'Magnificent prison': William and Kate can't wait to move out of Kensington Palace

William and Kate seem to have had enough of life in the palace. The ducal couple trade their magnificent London home for a tranquil cottage.

Plastic recycling doesn't work

It is not effective at all. A new survey in the UK reveals that just 12% of single-use plastic packaging is recycled.