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LAST MINUTE: Apple introduces new iPad

More and more tablets are becoming an option for those looking for an alternative to the computer. Given this, Apple has not been left behind and today announced the new iPad Pro 2022 with physical characteristics similar to previous versions, but more powerful inside.

These new tablets come with the iOS 16 operating system that introduces tools to improve productivity and collaboration so that users can get the most out of their device. Some of the novelties include:

  1. New features in “messages”:

    users will be able to edit or delete messages they have sent, retrieve deleted messages and mark conversations as “unread” to return to them later.

  2. Free form:

    This is a new app built into iPadOS with a flexible canvas and support for Apple Pencil. This seeks to be a space where users can see, share and collaborate in a single app.

  3. New tools in Safari:

    Now you can share windows so that more people can browse the same page as you.

  4. Post:

    In the “Mail” app, users can now schedule emails in advance and cancel them before they are sent.

  5. Image edition:

    Now it will be easier to remove people from an image or isolate an object with a single tap.

Features and design

The new iPads did not change their size, as they are still available in 11 and 12.9 inches. However, they now feature a 10.9-inch retina display that extends to the edges so users have more room to enjoy apps, games, and videos. In addition, it comes in four new colors: blue, pink, yellow and silver.

The novelty of this iPad Pro focuses on its chip, M2, which promises to have better and faster performance. This chip allows a 20% improvement in CPU performance and 10% in graphics, compared to previous versions. In addition, according to Apple’s statement, this makes the iPad five times faster than the competition and a good device for everyday activities, such as doing school work, editing a high-resolution video or playing a game with vivid graphics.

On the other hand, something that also stood out from this new iPad is the cameras. The front-facing camera is now positioned along the horizontal edge so that when users are on calls like FaceTime or recording video, they’ll always be looking directly into the camera. This is a horizontal Ultra Vide with a 12 MP sensor and a 122 degree field of view. The rear camera is 12 MP but it also offers high resolution photos and 4K video.

Additionally, the dual microphones are designed to work in unison with the cameras and promise a better video viewing experience.

“With a large 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, a powerful A14 Bionic chip, the first horizontal front-facing camera, fast wireless connectivity, USB-C, and support for amazing accessories like the new Magic Keyboard Folio, the new iPad offers more value. , more versatility, and it’s just more fun,” shared Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Lastly, Apple is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and announced that the iPad is made from fully recycled gold, copper and aluminum. This because they seek to be an emission-free company by 2030.

iPad Pro 2022: price and launch

This iPad is already available from today for sale in the United States, but it will arrive in Mexico until October 26.

The 11-inch iPad Pro costs 20,999 pesos and the 12.9-inch version costs 28,999 pesos. This does not include accessories such as the keyboard and the pen.

The Magic Keyboard costs 7,599 pesos and the first generation Apple pencil, compatible with these iPads, costs 2,399 pesos.

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