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iPhone 14? Apple could present it in September

September is approaching and with it Apple enthusiasts are waiting for an event where news is presented for their devices, especially the iPhone 14 family, as well as computers, iPads of different ranges and new versions of their smart watches. This is the September Apple Event .

Autumn is the favorite season for the company, which has seen in the iPhone the jewel in the crown to maintain its profits despite the bad macroeconomic times globally.

During the second quarter of the year, the Cupertino company announced a record income of 83,000 million dollars, that is, a year-on-year increase of 2%, thanks to the sale of its smartphone, which managed to bill 16,830 million dollars.

What could Apple present at its September event?

Although no aspect of the new iPhone has been revealed so far, rumors have not been long in coming and mention that there will be a line that will include four devices: a base iPhone 14, one with a 6.7-inch screen without being Pro, an iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The mini version will no longer be available.

According to the Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, the most relevant changes in the device will occur in the Pro version, since the front camera cutout will be replaced with holes where the Face ID sensors and the camera will be. Inside, the Pro versions will have a faster chip, while the base editions will keep the A15 chips found from the 13 model.

As usual, the camera will get an upgrade, though only on the Pro models, where you’ll get a 48MP wide-angle, as well as 12MP ultra-wide and telephoto sensors. Battery life is also an aspect that will improve, according to reports.

Regarding the iPad, Gurman mentions that Apple is working on a low-end device with an A14 chip and a USB-C port, as well as new models of the most expensive tablet, the iPad Pro, which would include M2 chips.

In the field of wearables, a new high-end Apple Watch is expected to be shown, as well as a revision to the economic version, the Watch SE. The AirPods Pro could also receive a new version with lossless audio support.

When could the Apple event be?

September 7 is the date the journalist mentioned for the Apple event. He also mentioned reports of retailers preparing for a major product launch on September 16, that is, a week after the possible unveiling.

The company held its last event in June, where it announced a set of updates for version 16 of its different operating systems, from iOS, through iPadOS or watchOS 9, to macOS Ventura.

In that event, the company invited hundreds of journalists and specialists from the sector to Apple Park, where it showed a video of the presentation, in addition to giving a series of conferences on development. However, this new event would return to the online format only.

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