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Arancha González Laya justifies the lack of vaccinations for staff abroad: "In Spain there are unvaccinated officials"

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, has justified that there are no vaccines for Foreign Service personnel, arguing that in Spain “there are officials still vaccinated.” The head of diplomacy explained at a press conference with His Croatian counterpart, when the vaccination process began in Spain, he sent a letter to the countries where there are prominent Spanish officials “proposing an exchange in vaccinations” so that Spain would vaccinate officials from this country if they did the same. This vaccination would be carried out according to the “protocols” that each country adopted to inoculate its own citizens and without giving them “a specific priority,” he clarified, specifying that for now there are already “more than 50 countries that have complied with this guideline “and that they have vaccinated Spanish officials.” We are doing the same thing, “he added, explaining that foreign personnel assigned to Spain are being vaccinated according to the age group to which it belongs in the Spanish vaccination calendar. However, the minister acknowledged, there are some countries “with specific difficulties,” such as Haiti, “where not a single vaccine ”to date, or Afghanistan, Mali or Niger, all of them in which insecurity prevails. Solutions depending on the country In these cases, the Ministry is“ looking for specific solutions with the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities ”and trying to find answers that “fit the possibilities and capacity,” he indicated. “In some cases the arrival of officials to Spain will be facilitated” for their vaccination and in others “we will seek to bring the vaccine to those third countries.” has specified.On the other hand, González Laya has stressed that “there are also many officials who have not been vaccinated in our country because they have not yet been vaccinated.” The Ministry has contracted an insurance policy that “allows those who find themselves in a health situation for which the country is unable to offer them medical care to evacuate.” The Ministry, González Laya has settled, is concerned about the “care” of officials, like other departments, because they are “our best weapon.” Request from the unions Precisely, CCOO, CSIF, FEDECA / ADE, SISEX and UGT, all of them with foreign representation, have sent a letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, as well as González Laya, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, and the Ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, in which they denounce the “passivity” of the Go government in this matter. “It is regrettable that as of today they have not yet taken the necessary measures so that, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities, they proceed to vaccinate officials and employees of the foreign service, as well as of their families, in those countries where it is necessary “, they maintain in the letter, to which Europa Press has had access. The unions ask that” a specific vaccination plan be drawn up for staff abroad, as well as their families , immediately ”and raise the possibility that all of them can be vaccinated in the Foreign medical office, taking advantage of their trips to Spain, as well as prior to their departure to their destination abroad.

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