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Aston Martin does not give up combustion engines and launches a 707 horsepower SUV

While some volume brands are beginning to take their first steps in the field of electrification and others are already taking more forceful steps, Aston Martin will seek to continue attracting lovers of internal combustion engines and the super luxury segment, with the arrival of the new DBX707 SUV.

As its name indicates, the new version has a power of 707 horsepower, which is why the company highlights it as the most powerful SUV offered in the Mexican market.

The DBX is a milestone for the British company : it is the first SUV in the history of Aston Martin. It was presented at the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show, and at the beginning of this year, the brand decided to integrate the DBX707 into its portfolio, starting with its assembly in May at the plant located in St Athan, Wales .

Martin Josephi, director of Grand Chelem, a group specializing in the importation of exotic cars, including Aston Martin, considers that although it is a good time to bet on the electrification of the sector, the new DBX707 seeks to win over those who love the power of internal combustion engines .

The brand ensures that the model goes from 0 to 60 miles in 3.1 seconds.

Among the hallmarks that differentiate it from the 505-hp DBX is a wide grille – the largest of all Aston Martin vehicles – as well as a rear spoiler that gives it a sporty look. It also has air intakes and outlets that make it more aerodynamic.

The seats were redesigned, while new buttons for the driving modes were added. It has a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Fernando Paullada, brand manager of Aston Martin Mexico, highlights in an interview with Expansión that the DBX707 is a bet focused on horsepower. “In this industry we are all going towards electrification. All brands. But horsepower is still the nature of motorsport… Power is the most important thing in a combustion engine: why not get the most power out of it today?”

From Paullada’s perspective, the recent launch allows the British firm to carve out a more robust path to the most popular segment of the market, that of SUVs. “We were missing that punch that this truck gives us, that punch of power,” he says.

Mexico is the most important market in Latin America for Aston Martin , but it is still small compared to other developed markets. Of this model, for example, they hope to sell 30 units. “Obviously we are far from European countries, the United States, China, but even comparing ourselves with good-sized North American cities, such as Denver or Chicago, that’s where we are. We can’t compare ourselves with countries, but with cities,” says Josephi.

The British company has focused efforts on the power of its units. In March of last year it announced that it would launch 333 V12 Vantage units, with 690 horsepower. The Mexican importer plans to sell up to 30 units in a year of DBX707, whose price starts at 330,000 dollars (about 6.6 million pesos).

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