NewsAt least five people stabbed in a Manchester shopping...

At least five people stabbed in a Manchester shopping center

At least five people have been stabbed this Friday near a shopping center in Manchester, in the north of England, as reported by the local press, which ensures that there is a person arrested for “serious assault.” The detainee is a man in his 40s. “In these first moments we are keeping an open mind about the motivation for this terrible incident and its circumstances,” said the Police, in a statement indicating that the Antiterrorist Police has assumed The investigation. The Manchester Police have indicated that their agents have come to the scene after they were alerted to an “incident” at the Arndale Shopping Center, in the center of the city of Manchester. “The officers who have come and the first inquiries indicate that several people have been stabbed,” he said. The Police have reported that they have detained a man “about 40 years of age” as a suspect of “serious assault” and that he has been transferred for questioning. “The investigations continue,” he concluded. Police officials have confirmed to the local newspaper that there are several people injured and that the Police have deployed agents in the Exchange Square, near the Arndale shopping center, which has been evicted. The local newspaper ‘Manchester Evening News’ has reported that, as a result of the event, the Arndale shopping center has been evicted and has echoed a video broadcast on social networks, and that accompanies this news, in which Police agents are seen capturing at an individual after shooting him with a Taser-type electric pistol.Attack in the Manchester Arena of 2017 Although it has not yet been confirmed that it is a terrorist attack, the memory brings to the present time the attack that the city of Manchester suffered in May 2017 during an Ariana Grande concert. The terrorist committed suicide in the middle of a concert by the pop star, killing 22 people and injuring more than 60 at the Manchester Arena. It was around 10:35 p.m. when, as the crowd packed into the 23,000-capacity stadium, left the track and the stands, a powerful explosion shook normalcy to give rise to screams and races. Many saw that it was not just another incident, as the public address system tried to indicate so that the exit was ordered: a smoke and on the ground, dozens of corpses and a river of blood. One of the bodies, already officially confirmed, was that of the person responsible for the massacre, whose identity was known hours later given the state of the remains found.