NewsAustralia throws far-right British columnist out of the country

Australia throws far-right British columnist out of the country

Because British columnist Katie Hopkins did not want to adhere to the corona quarantine rules in her hotel in Sydney, she was deported from the country.

Sydney – The Australian government has revoked right-wing British columnist Katie Hopkins’ visa over an alleged violation of Corona rules. Katie Hopkins flew to Sydney for an appearance on the Australian reality TV show Big Brother VIP (Celebrity Big Brother) and moved into a hotel room for the time being.

According to media reports, 46-year-old Katie Hopkins had bragged on Instagram that she had violated the hotel’s quarantine conditions and opened the door without a mask. Due to the corona virus, a two-week hotel quarantine is mandatory when entering Australia.

Katie Hopkins brags about quarantine violation on Instagram: “Biggest joke in history”

The Australian Home Secretary Karen Andrews announced the revocation of Katie Hopkins’ visa on Monday (07/19/2021). On Monday afternoon (local time) Hopkins was then deported with a mandatory flight to Great Britain, as the British newspaper The Guardian reported. The production company Endemol Shine Australia had previously announced that it would terminate Katie Hopkins’ contract for the TV appearance on Big Brother VIP, which airs on the Australian commercial broadcaster Seven Networks.

Hopkins broadcast a live video from an alleged hotel room in Sydney on Saturday morning, describing the quarantine rules as “the greatest joke in human history” and talking about elaborate plans to break the precautionary measures. In the Instagram video, which can no longer be seen, she said she tried to “scare” security guards by opening her hotel door naked and maskless.

Australian Home Secretary on Katie Hopkins – A “Slap In The Face”

A New South Wales Police statement said they were notified of an “alleged violation” of public health quarantine orders at a hotel on Sussex Street in Sydney at around 8:45 p.m. Friday, The Guardian said. For not wearing a mask, Hopkins was fined $ 1,000, police said.

Australian Home Secretary Karen Andrews told public broadcaster ABC News Breakfast Monday that Hopkins’ behavior was “shameful” and described it as “a slap in the face for all Australians currently in lockdown”. Due to the highly contagious Delta variant, a lockdown was imposed on around twelve million people in Australia. “The fact that she was out there bragging about breaking the quarantine was appalling,” said Andrews. “She is clearly not someone we want to keep in the country a second longer than we have to.”

Katie Olivia Hopkins
job Commentator, columnist, media personality
Born February 13, 1975
place of birth Barnstaple, UK

British columnist Katie Hopkins is known for making racist statements

New South Wales Secretary of Health Brad Hazzard also harshly criticized Katie Hopkins’ behavior: “I was shocked to see this lady – whom, thankfully, I have never heard of and hope to never hear again. To think of it as she thinks treating the steps we are taking to protect our community with such youthful, idiotic behavior is just insane, “Hazzard told reporters in Sydney.

Katie Hopkins has long been controversial because of her racist, anti-Islamic and anti-migration statements. Last year she received negative attention on the Twitter platform, where she violated the policy on hate-promoting behavior and spread right-wing extremist ideas. Your account with 1.1 million followers was then permanently blocked. Former US President Donald Trump, whose Twitter account was also blocked at the beginning of the year, had shared Hopkins’ tweets several times on the platform. (Anna Charlotte Groos)

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