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Bavaria ahead of umpteen loosening: Söder's new corona rules apply from today

Söder announced on Tuesday that Bavaria’s new corona rules are now in force. As of today, for example, the contact restrictions for vaccinated people will no longer apply.

Munich – New Corona* rules have applied in Bavaria since today. Prime Minister Markus Söder announced this at the beginning of the week. More contacts for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered, more spectators in football stadiums and at cultural events and more customers in shops – this is now the case in Bavaria.*

Contact rules, 2G and 3G: These corona rules now apply in Bavaria

  • Contact restrictions for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered: they can meet privately again in groups of any size, not just ten people as before
  • The contact rules for the unvaccinated, on the other hand, will remain unchanged for the time being: as soon as there is even one unvaccinated person, a household may only meet with a maximum of two members of another household, not counting children under 14.
  • 2G instead of 2G plus: The Free State is relaxing the corona rules for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. Large areas of public life, such as sports, cultural and leisure events, are accessible again without an additional test* or booster vaccination*. Specifically, this concerns the area of sports and culture (such as theatres, operas, cinemas), public and private events, trade fairs, conferences and congresses as well as leisure facilities of various kinds: show caves, visitor mines, indoor playgrounds, amusement arcades and banks, guided tours in closed rooms, betting shops and interiors of state castles, gardens and lakes.
  • 3G instead of 2G: In Bavaria, even unvaccinated people have access to some other areas of public life again – if they show a negative test instead. 3G instead of the previous 2G will then apply, among other things, to universities, extracurricular education, vocational training, further education and further training, music schools, libraries and archives, museums and exhibitions, fitness studios and solariums, one’s own active sporting activities (including practical sports training ) as well as active participation in amateur ensembles (e.g. orchestras or amateur drama groups).

Söder relaxes: Bavaria’s new corona rules

Söder relaxes corona rules: more spectators for sport and culture

In addition, there are again more spectators for sports and cultural events. Since Thursday (February 17), for example, up to 25,000 spectators have been allowed to watch Bundesliga games again – previously it was 15,000. The capacity limits – in sports a maximum of 50 percent occupancy, in the cultural area a maximum of 75 percent – remain unchanged. The FFP2 mask requirement also remains.*

Students, trade and hotspots: Bavaria’s new corona rules

  • Pupils : Children and young people under the age of 18 who are regularly tested for Corona at school will in future have the same status as those who have recovered or who have been vaccinated. In the future, you will have access to all 2G areas even without a corona vaccination.
  • Trade: For trade, service and craft businesses, the number of customers is no longer limited to a maximum of one customer per ten square meters. However, the FFP2 mask requirement remains in place.
  • Capacity limits: Visitor limits, such as those that existed in the open air for zoological and botanical gardens, memorial sites, amusement parks, excursion boats and guided tours, will be lifted.
  • Contact data collection/tickets: The obligation to collect contact data and the obligation to only sell personalized tickets for larger sporting and cultural events is no longer applicable.
  • Hotspot regulation: The former hotspot regulation, which has been suspended for a long time, according to which more than 1000 stricter rules would have to apply in regions with a seven-day incidence, is no longer applicable.

On Wednesday, the federal and state governments discussed the corona situation. You can read all about it in our Bayern ticker. (kam/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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