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BBVA Scholarship Program for Chavos que Inspiran is looking for new scholarship holders

There are several scholarships, but the BBVA Scholarship Program for Chavos que Inspiran , offered by the BBVA Foundation, is distinguished by the fact that it provides support to university, thereby avoiding school dropouts.

This was commented by Sofia Ize, director of the BBVA Foundation, during her participation in the podcast Cuéntame de Economía , with Alejandro Bazán, editor of Economía en Expansión, and Dainzú Patiño, reporter on Economy and specialist in tax issues.

The BBVA Scholarship Program for Chavos que Inspiran offers comprehensive support for 10 years, from the time students start high school until they graduate from university and start their first job, said Sofia Ize.

“It is a comprehensive program because it not only provides financial support, but also because it has extracurricular activities, alliances with the best universities and we focus a lot on developing the skills of our scholars so that they have the best opportunities and can find a job to promote their school education and, of course, their personal development ”, he pointed out.

The BBVA Scholarship Program for Chavos que Inspiran began in some municipalities in Mexico and is currently available nationwide. “This is a huge effort on the part of the BBVA Foundation. We are convinced that this is the best way in which we can really achieve the social mobility that our country needs ”, assured Sofia Ize.

He added that, to apply, young people who are entering the first year of secondary school in a public school and have a minimum average of 8.0 in their primary education, can check the call and register to take the talent tests and participate in the selection.

For those who want to be part of the community of or know someone who wants to register, they can do so from May 20 to June 9 on the page.

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