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Beware: these 35 applications have malicious software and it is recommended to delete them

The Google Play Store has various protections to restrict apps that consist of malware , but sometimes scammers try different ways to inject apps infected with this malware into the store. Something similar happened this time.

According to technology and cybersecurity company Bitdefender, dangerous malware has been found in popular Android apps . Now, if you have any of them on your phone, remove it immediately.

How to detect malicious apps

The cybersecurity firm identified 35 malicious apps on the Play Store that tricked users into downloading them.

According to the report, once the user installs the app, its name changes and the app icon remains hidden on the device.

The idea behind these malicious activities is to deliver annoying advertisements and generate revenue through them. What’s worse is that developers run these ads through their own framework, which bypasses the protections implemented by Android.

Malicious Apps from Google Play Store

Here are the apps you should remove from your mobile device.

  • Walls light – Wallpapers Pack (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Big Emoji – Keyboard (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Grad Wallpapers – 3D Backdrops (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Engine Wallpapers – Live & 3D (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Stock Wallpapers – 4K & HD (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • EffectMania – Photo Editor (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Art Filter – Deep Photoeffect (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Fast Emoji Keyboard (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Create Sticker for Whatsapp (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Math Solver – Camera Helper (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Photopix Effects – Art Filter (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Led Theme – Colorful Keyboard (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Keyboard – Fun Emoji, Sticker (Over 50,000 downloads)
  • Smart Wifi (More than 10,000 downloads)
  • My GPS Location (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Image Warp Camera (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Art Girls Wallpaper HD (Over 100,000 downloads)
  • Cat Simulator (Over 50,000 downloads)
  • Smart QR Creator (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Colorize Old Photo (Over 500 downloads)
  • GPS Location Finder (100,000 downloads)
  • Girls Art Wallpaper (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Smart QR Scanner (Over 50,000 downloads)
  • GPS Location Maps (100,000 downloads)
  • Volume Control (Over 50,000 downloads)
  • Secret Horoscope (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Smart GPS Location (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Animated Sticker Master (100,000 downloads)
  • Personality Charging Show (100,000 downloads)
  • Sleep Sounds (100,000 downloads)
  • QR Creator (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Media Volume Slider (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Secret Astrology (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Colorize Photos (Over 10,000 downloads)
  • Phi 4K Wallpaper – Anime HD (Over 50,000 downloads)

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