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Big German city rushes forward to protect against Omikron – 2G-Plus rules come from Monday

The corona incidence is increasing for the sixth day in a row. The RKI reports a significant increase in the number of infections compared to the previous week. The news ticker.

  • The Corona * incidence is increasing for the sixth day in a row. The RKI reports a significant increase in the numbers (see update from January 4, 6:35 a.m.).
  • Hamburg is now once again tightening the corona measures (see update from January 4, 1:55 p.m.).
  • This news ticker is no longer updated, all further information can now be found in our new news ticker.

Update from January 4, 6.47 p.m .: Omikron has become the dominant variant of the corona virus in Baden-Württemberg. A current query at the laboratories shows that the Omikron variant is already detected in over 50 percent of all SARS-CoV-2 diagnoses, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs in Stuttgart on Tuesday. It can therefore be expected in 7 to 14 days at the latest that the vast majority of infections in the country will be due to Omikron. The number of Omikron cases transmitted to the State Health Office rose on Tuesday (as of 4:00 p.m.) to 5283. That is 1003 cases more than the day before.

Israel starts with fourth corona vaccination

Update from January 4, 2022, 3:50 p.m.: Experts and Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach had just advertised the booster vaccination, i.e. the third vaccination against the coronavirus, because Israel is already starting to vaccinate the fourth Doris. The fourth vaccination dose with the preparation from Biontech / Pfizer is even supposed to greatly increase the number of antibodies against the new Corona variant Omikron. According to an Israeli study, the number of antibodies is expected to increase five-fold within a week.

The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett presented this result on Tuesday during a visit to the Shiba Hospital near Tel Aviv together with the study director Gili Regev. “The fourth shot is safe and effective,” said Bennett. However, the level of increase in antibodies does not automatically indicate the extent to which the actual protection against infection or disease is improved.

Israel had already started a vaccination campaign on Monday for people over 60 and medical staff who can now receive a fourth dose of vaccine. Around 10,000 Israelis had already been vaccinated with the fourth dose, and around 100,000 had made an appointment, said Bennett. The Schiba Hospital near Tel Aviv started a study on the fourth vaccination against the coronavirus with the vaccine from Pfizer / Biontech more than a week ago. The clinic announced interim results on Sunday: The side effects are similar to those after the third dose. Israel has already passed the fourth corona wave, but the number of infections has recently increased massively again.

Update from January 4, 2022, 1:55 p.m .: In view of the rapidly increasing numbers of pandemics, Hamburg’s red-green Senate is once again tightening the corona rules. The previous 2G rules will largely be replaced by 2G-plus rules, as Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer said on Tuesday. * also reports on the new Corona measures *. That applies to gastronomy, culture, indoor sports, but not retail. Excluded from the compulsory test for vaccinated and convalescents from Monday on are people “who have a booster vaccination”.

Update from January 4, 2022, 12:20 p.m.: A good year after the start of the Corona vaccination campaign in Germany, the mark of 150 million vaccinations has been reached. 59.3 million people or 71.3 percent of the population now have full basic protection with the second injection, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute on Tuesday. At least 32.7 million people, or 39.3 percent of the population, received an additional booster vaccination.

According to the information, 61.7 million people or 74.2 percent of the population have now received at least one first vaccination. The federal government is aiming for a mark of 80 percent by the end of January, after January 7th was initially mentioned as the target. According to the RKI, 447,000 girls and boys have received an injection in the vaccinations of children between the ages of 5 and 11, which have been widely launched since mid-December. Overall, vaccinations continue to pick up speed after the turn of the year. According to the information, a total of 226,000 cans were injected on Monday. The vaccinations in Germany started shortly after Christmas 2020.

Corona in Germany: Omikron cases keep increasing

Update from January 4, 2022, 11.40 a.m.: The corona numbers rise sharply after the holidays, more and more people are currently testing positive for the corona virus. The proportion of the new Corona variant Omikron is also increasing in Germany. The number of reliably proven and probable Omicron cases in Germany transmitted to the Robert Koch Institute has even more than tripled within a week. 35,529 would now be assigned to the new Corona variant, it said on Tuesday on an RKI overview page. A week ago the value was 10,443.

The number refers to cases since November, most of the evidence currently comes with 20,525 from the previous week (previous week: 9584). A graph from the RKI showing the development over time shows a very steep increase in the numbers reported weekly in connection with Omikron. In the past few days, the RKI had already spoken of a presumed distortion of the infection situation; many more people than officially known could be infected due to the holidays. For the current and the past week, the RKI expects a high number of new and late registrations.

In absolute numbers, according to the RKI, most of the previous reports that are assigned to Omikron are from North Rhine-Westphalia with 10,779. This is followed by Bavaria with just under 7,537 and Baden-Württemberg with 4,323. How often the variant is tested in a respective federal state is not specified.

Update from January 4, 2022, 10.15 a.m.: A new Corona variant from Cameroon was detected in southern France and has been causing a stir since Monday evening. Karl Lauterbach comments on

Corona in Germany – RKI reports current infection numbers

Update from January 4, 6:35 a.m.: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has again reported an increase in the official nationwide seven-day incidence. The RKI gave the value Tuesday morning as 239.9. The value has been increasing every day since December 30, although the RKI continues to assume that new infections are under-recorded. The reason for this are fewer tests and reports during the holidays and vacations.

For comparison: the previous day the incidence was 232.4, a week ago it was 215.6 (previous month: 432.2). The health authorities in Germany reported a total of 30,561 new corona infections to the RKI within one day. A significant increase compared to the previous week. At that time, 21,080 new infections were reported. In addition, the RKI reported 356 new deaths within 24 hours on Tuesday morning. A week ago there were 372 deaths.

Corona in Germany: demonstrations in several cities

Update from January 3, 10:07 p.m.: Demonstrations against the corona policy took place in several cities in Germany on Monday. In Nuremberg alone, according to the dpa, 3,000 people took to the streets on the so-called “Monday walk”. There should not have been any incidents here. In Friedrichshafen in Baden-Württemberg almost 2000 participants gathered – in Mannheim there were several smaller groups of up to 50 people.

Almost 2500 people came together in Magdeburg. There was also an ugly incident here: the state capital’s police station spoke of broken police chains, bottles being thrown at officials and pyrotechnics. According to initial findings, the police were not injured.

Update from January 3, 9.46 p.m.: A new corona mutation has been discovered in the south of France. A first mini-study, which has not yet been tested, suggests that the variant could be more contagious than the original type. For an exact classification, however, further tests are necessary.

Corona in Germany: Bad outbreak in nursing home

Update from January 3, 1.40 p.m.: Almost half of the residents in a Rastatt nursing home (Baden-Württemberg) have now contracted the corona virus. Nine people died on or in connection with it, said a spokesman for the district office on Monday. Of 41 infected residents, 6 are in the hospital. There are also five infected employees. “We cannot yet estimate whether this is the peak of the infection rate,” he said. There were currently 88 people living in the home.

Four out of five living areas are affected by corona infections. The dead were not boosted, said the spokesman. He did not provide any further information on the vaccination status. A spokeswoman for the home carrier, the Kursana Group, said last week that the vaccination rate in the facility was above the national average. Almost half of the residents already had a booster. Nevertheless, there are still residents who do not want to be vaccinated or who have medical reasons against it.

In einem Pflegeheim in Raststatt kam es zu einem großen Corona-Ausbruch.


A major corona outbreak occurred in a nursing home in Raststatt.

Corona in Germany – vaccination campaign with a clear break in on New Year’s

Update from January 3, 12.40 p.m.: The corona numbers continue to rise in the new year, the RKI reported an increasing nationwide incidence on Monday, January 3, 2022, for the fifth day in a row. However, the number of vaccinations given, especially over New Year’s Eve, has plummeted. On New Year’s Day, according to the RKI, just 25,582 people nationwide had been vaccinated against corona. But already on Sunday, January 2nd, the vaccination campaign had slowly picked up again. According to official information, 129,069 vaccinations were administered that day.

The numbers also fell significantly for a short time over the Christmas period from December 24th to 26th. This means that at least 59.2 million people in Germany have been vaccinated twice or have received a single vaccination from Johnson & Johnson. That is 71.2 percent of the total population. At least 32.3 million people (38.9 percent) also received a booster vaccination. According to the RKI, 21.5 million people in Germany are currently not vaccinated, including 4.0 million children up to the age of four for whom no approved vaccine is currently available.

Tyrol: Another Corona outbreak among ski instructors

Update from January 3, 12:10 p.m.: In the Austrian state of Tyrol, a group of ski instructors once again experienced an increased incidence of corona infections. In St. Anton am Arlberg, 17 ski instructors from a ski school tested positive and then separated, the state of Tyrol confirmed on Monday in a report in the Tyrolean daily newspaper .

Previously, ski instructors in Kirchberg had already been found infected. According to the newspaper’s report, the number of infected people increased to 25 in this case. The ski instructors had shared accommodation. In the federal state of Tyrol, the seven-day incidence was most recently around 430 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants and thus above the Austria-wide average of around 250.

Skilehrer im Skigebiet von Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis (Tirol, Österreich)


Corona cluster at the ski instructor group in Tyrol (Austria). Health authorities call for corona tests (symbol photo).

Update from January 3, 11:20 a.m.: The corona virus tears a father, his wife and their son from their lives in Germany. Five daughters remain – four of them are minors.

Update from January 3, 10:35 a.m.: The corona virus cannot be stopped even by national borders, now numerous researchers have become infected on a polar station in Antarctica. They had previously entered South Africa.

Corona escalation after the holidays? Numbers rise again – next cruise ship interrupts voyage

Original message from January 3rd: Berlin – Many experts had already warned in advance of many contacts at Christmas and the holidays, New Year’s Eve should also have ensured many celebrations indoors. How much the holidays favored the spread of the coronavirus will become clear in the course of the next few days, but the Robert Koch Institute is already reporting an increase in the nationwide seven-day incidence. The number of infections also continues to climb.

The RKI has reported an increase in the incidence for the fifth day in a row. Accordingly, the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week on Monday is 232.4. For comparison: the previous day the value was 222.7. A week ago the nationwide incidence was also 222.7 (previous month: 442.1). But although the value is already climbing continuously, the RKI assumes that the numbers are under-recorded. Because there is less testing and reporting between years, the actual numbers could be higher.

The health authorities in Germany reported 18,518 new corona infections to the RKI within one day. Exactly one week ago there were 13,908 infections. According to the new information, 68 deaths were recorded across Germany within 24 hours. A week ago there were 69 deaths.

Cruise ship “Mein Schiff 6” breaks off trip due to corona cases

The coronavirus is now also putting a dash in the bill for many travelers. After the cruise ship “Aida Nova” of the Rostock shipping company Aida Cruises ended its trip early on Sunday due to Corona cases in Lisbon, the cruise ship “Mein Schiff 6” of the shipping company Tui Cruises is now also canceling its current trip in Dubai. “The background to this are isolated cases of Covid-19 on board that were discovered during the voyage. As a purely precautionary measure and to protect guests and crew, TUI Cruises has now decided to take this short break, ”said the Hamburg-based company on Monday night.

According to the information provided by the shipping company, the voyage for the majority of the approximately 2000 passengers would have ended on Monday as planned. The involuntary break affects both those who had booked a connecting cruise and the guests who wanted to go on board in Dubai. According to the information, Tui Cruises is currently organizing return flights for all guests who would have wanted to continue their journey.

How much longer will Germany be affected by Corona? Virologist Martin Stürmer is optimistic about the Covid year 2022 *. There could be some relaxation soon. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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