NewsBill Gates introduces new plan to save the world

Bill Gates introduces new plan to save the world

Bill Gates wants to make the world a better place. To this end, he has presented solutions for climate protection in his new book. Among other things, he suggests that rich states should only eat synthetic meat.

Washington – Bill Gates used to be barely public, he was even considered a reserved nerd. But that has changed. Bill Gates is visibly more comfortable on the stages of the world today. And more and more often announces his ideas. Now the billionaire has big plans again.

Bill Gates wants to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Over the next five years, Gates, whose fortune is estimated at the equivalent of 100 billion euros according to, wants to invest in start-ups and climate projects. For this he wants to deduct a whopping two billion US dollars (1.65 billion euros).

Bill Gates: Rich states should eat artificial meat

Last week his book “How we prevent the climate catastrophe” was published in several languages. Bill Gates describes, among other things, the emissions problem in agriculture. Cattle breeding causes a large part of the methane releases, which is very harmful to the climate.

His solution: According to Bill Gates, rich countries should consume synthetic meat. In poorer countries, meat production is much more inefficient and emissions are higher. The wealthy countries would find it easier to turn around because of the resources they have at their disposal. “People can get used to the difference in taste. It should get better and better over time, ”says Gates.

Bill Gates: Around $ 1 billion for startups

Bill Gates is also calling for the US to quintuple its annual research investment in clean energies. In his estimation, that would be around 110 billion euros per year. According to, the programmer himself wants to invest half of the 2 billion US dollars in at least 40 start-ups that deal with environmental technologies. In his book, Bill Gates calls for global CO2 emissions to drop to zero by 2050, otherwise there is a risk of major environmental and economic damage. * FR is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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