NewsBlümchen's divorce has not yet taken place, she is...

Blümchen's divorce has not yet taken place, she is already introducing her new family to her

Jasmin Wagner alias “Blümchen” has been reassigned. She now confessed in an interview – he should get to know the family at Christmas.

Berlin – Singer Jasmin Wagner had been with the Swiss entrepreneur Frank Sippel since 2011, and was married in 2015. In an RTL interview in April, she said – months after the actual separation: “This love is over.” The Schlager singer, better known as “Blümchen”, kept her private life largely out of the public eye. After separating from her husband last year, she should now be freshly taken. The dpa reports.

Jasmin Wagner’s new friend will get to know the family at Christmas

The 41-year-old told Bunte magazine: “This year love has returned to my life. At Christmas my family will meet my new friend for the first time ”.

“Blümchen” about new friend: “Dane, mid 30s”

She also revealed further details: “He is Dane, in his mid-30s and an entrepreneur in the fashion industry,” she continued. She got to know her new boyfriend through a mutual friend who arranged the first date. “It was actually a very special encounter right from the start,” enthuses the Schlager singer.

Jasmin Wagner wants a divorce party

The divorce from her husband Frank Sippel has not yet taken place. As soon as that is the case, Jasmin Wagner wants to celebrate a party next year: “Ideally with my ex-husband and my new partner.” (Jh)