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Bolivia: The Government warns that the candidate of Evo Morales, Luis Arce. has pending accounts with the Justice

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales has decided that his former Minister of Economy Luis Arce is the candidate for President of the Government for his party, the MAS (Movement for Socialism). This Tuesday, the Bolivian Government has warned that the candidate has “pending accounts” with the Justice, although it has guaranteed that the candidate will be able to carry out his campaign. “A candidate for the presidency, vice-presidency, senator and deputy have the same constitutional guarantees as any other citizen, but also the same obligations as any citizen, ”said the new Bolivian Minister of Justice, Álvaro Coimbra. In any case, he has defended that Arce “must present his defense in the legal proceedings against him.” However, Coimbra has assured that Arce has “all the constitutional guarantees” to carry out his political campaign in Bolivia. “Constitutional guarantees and political rights are consolidated and enshrined in the Constitution, we are going to guarantee that all candidates can campaign throughout the national territory, based on the precepts of freedom of expression, movement and the right to freedom of movement. information “, has indicated Coimbra, as published by the Bolivian newspaper ‘La Razón’. Arce has already announced his intention to return to Bolivia to carry out his campaign, although he assured that” there are no guarantees to do politics freely. ” Embezzlement of the Indigenous Fund For her part, prosecutor Heidi Gil, who is investigating the embezzlement of the Indigenous Fund for social projects, reported that the investigation will be expanded to include Arce and former Minister of the Presidency Juan Ramón Quintana.Morales, the MAS campaign manager, announced on Sunday Arce’s candidacy for president for the May 3 elections. For his part, former Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca will be the party’s candidate for vice presidency. The ex-president stressed that Arce guarantees the growth of the national economy and Choquehuanca the unity of the native indigenous peasant movement, maintaining the country-city policy.

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