NewsBook Reveals Queen Fired Charles' Nanny Over 'Special Pudding'

Book Reveals Queen Fired Charles' Nanny Over 'Special Pudding'

Nannies are practically part of the royal family. But the Queen reportedly fired Charles’ nanny when he was eight. She resisted her food requests.

London – Whenever Prince Charles (here all the news on the topic page). Mother Queen Elizabeth kept important appointments, nannies took care of the firstborn. They are an important part of the royal family and are carefully selected. When Charles was young, however, the Queen fired one of the women, as reported by

Surname Prince Charles
function heir to the throne, son of the Queen
Born November 14, 1948
spouse Duchess Camilla (married 2005), Princess Diana (married 1981–1996)

The Royals’ nannies come from an elite English school

In order to be able to become a nanny at the royal court at all, strict training is required in advance. The elite nannies mostly come from the so-called “Norland College” in Bath.

At the school, students learn, among other things, about language development in children and self-defense. Cooking, handicrafts, sewing and embroidery are also on the agenda. There’s just one thing nannies never do: cleaning. Despite the many skills, the Queen had to fire one of Charles’ early nannies.

Die Queen und Prinz Philip mit Prinzessin Anne und Prinz Charles 1951.


The Queen and Prince Philip with Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

For royals, nannies are practically part of the family

The royal author Bryan Kozlowski wrote the story about the nanny of the then eight-year-old prince in his book “Long Live the Queen!”. In it, as quoted by Britain’s Mirror, the lady’s picky ways about Prince Charles’ meals have become a problem.

Kozlowski writes: “It is said that she took pleasure in tormenting the palace kitchen with its high standards. Little Charles’ dishes were constantly being rejected or re-prepared, all at the sole mercy of the nanny’s personal whims. The queen finally had enough and fired her.”

Book Reveals Queen Fired Charles’ Nanny Over ‘Special Pudding’

The trigger for Queen Elizabeth II’s patience tearing, however, was allegedly an incident with a “special pudding”. The nanny apparently resisted a dessert idea from the Queen for her son and simply removed the pudding from the menu. It didn’t go down well with Mom at all.

Kozlowski’s book states: “In 1956, the Queen simply asked the nanny if she could give Charles, then eight, a special pudding that she thought he might like.” The nanny refused, removing dessert from the menu and incurring the wrath of the crown. No one cancels the Queen’s wish.”

Prince Charles speaks out against the war in Ukraine

As the heir to the throne, Prince Charles has an important representation function to the outside world. This was also expressed in clear terms in relation to the Ukraine conflict.

Sources used : picture alliance,, book Long Live the Queen! (Bryan Kozlowski)

Rubriklistenbild: © Toby Melville/picture alliance/dpa/PA Wire; dpa INP/dpa/picture alliance

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Book Reveals Queen Fired Charles' Nanny Over 'Special Pudding'

Nannies are practically part of the royal family. But the Queen reportedly fired Charles' nanny when he was eight years old. She resisted her food requests.