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Booster vaccination: Vaccinated persons should not do this before or after

Before the booster vaccination against the coronavirus, those who have been vaccinated should heed a few important tips. Some substances can affect the immune response.

The fourth corona wave is rolling over Heidelberg * and all of Germany *. The number of infected people has been rising continuously for a few weeks now. Mainly because the Omikron corona variant is more contagious and people who have been vaccinated are becoming more and more infected with the disease. Nevertheless, experts advise getting vaccinated or boosted. According to HEIDELBERG24 *, a booster against the coronavirus is recommended by Stiko three months after the second vaccination.

And even if the corona vaccines * approved in the EU do not work quite as well against new variants of Covid-19, the vaccination is still recommended. According to a study on booster vaccination with Biontech and Moderna *, mRNA vaccines do not protect 100 percent against infection, but they do protect against a severe course very reliably. And if you can also be boosted, you can even benefit from an even stronger protective effect – even against the new variants.

Booster vaccination: Experts reveal tips for vaccinated people after immunization

However, if you get your third spade, you shouldn’t forget some important tips. First of all, it is important to know that vaccination reactions can occur even after the booster vaccination. Basically the same reactions can occur as after the second vaccination with Biontech or Moderna. These often include pain and / or swelling at the injection site, nausea, headache, fatigue, aching limbs, vomiting, chills or even fever.

The side effects after the corona vaccination * are mostly only temporary and disappear on their own after a while. Experts warn against taking pain medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen as a preventive measure. “They can weaken the immune response during the vaccination – and we definitely don’t want that,” explains Petra Bracht, specialist in general and nutritional medicine, in an interview with Bild about the booster vaccination against the coronavirus.

Booster vaccination: People who have been vaccinated should not do this after vaccination

Even if flu-like symptoms occur as side effects after the vaccination, freshly vaccinated people should try to get by without painkillers *, advises the expert. Those who naturally develop severe side effects such as fever can of course take paracetamol or ibuprofen after a vaccination. The only important thing is not to simply take the preparations as a preventive measure before the vaccination. On the other hand, drugs that are taken on a daily basis should not be stopped.

Vaccinated persons * should also avoid alcohol and fatty food shortly before and after the booster vaccination. Both of these stress the liver and cost the body energy – and that in turn is missing for other things, such as the necessary reaction to the administered corona vaccine. The body also needs energy for heavy loads such as a lot of sport. Therefore, vaccinated people should at best take it easy a little after the booster vaccination against the coronavirus.

Booster vaccination: This is how a particularly high level of immune protection develops

This also reduces the risk of heart muscle inflammation after the corona vaccination * as well as of other possible side effects. According to Petra Bracht, however, exercise also releases “healing, anti-inflammatory messenger substances”, which in turn make an important contribution in the body to the immune response to the booster vaccination. So if you move a little after the booster, you are actually doing something good for your body – exercise outdoors in the fresh air is ideal.

The reason: Sunshine promotes the production of vitamin D – an essential nutrient for the functioning of our immune system. Sufficient sleep and little stress can also promote a good immune response to the booster vaccination against the coronavirus. And the current message about a new, possibly dangerous corona variant in the EU, about which HEIDELBERG24 * is currently reporting, shows how important good immune protection is. * HEIDELBERG24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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