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#BREAKING: 13 Android 13 news

Today the new update for Android 13 users was presented, which includes new features for both phones and tablets. They are the following:

1. Material You: Now you can customize non-Google apps to match your wallpaper and colors, making your home screen more consistent and your style.

2. Specific languages for each app: Do you like to use Whatsapp in English, but Waze in Spanish? now you can customize the language in different applications individually.

3. Colors to the rhythm of the music: one of the updates to the media player is that it adapts its appearance according to the music or podcast you are listening to. For example, when you’re listening to music, the media player highlights album art and has a playbar that dances as you progress through a song. It even works for media played through Chrome.

4. Customize the time to go to sleep: now going to sleep will not be so difficult, because when in sleep mode the screen will dim and switch to dark mode. This, especially, so as not to scare you away from sleep in case you check your phone in the middle of the night.

5. Share only selected photos: When an app asks for access to your photos, you no longer have to give them access to all of them. Now you can select only the ones you want the app to access.

6. Delete important information from your clipboard: If you copied sensitive information, such as your email, your phone number, your credit card, among others, now your cell phone will delete it immediately after a period of time.

7. Get only the notifications you ask for: Are you working and getting gaming notifications? now the apps will need special permissions to send you notifications, instead of sending them automatically.

8. Spatial audio: With special headphones you can have the experience of listening to music in a more immersive way

9. See your messaging applications from the computer: So you will no longer have to interrupt your workflow.

10. Bluetooth Low Energy: This is a new audio standard that occurs at lower latency. This allows you to hear audio that is better in sync with the sound source, reducing delay. You will also be able to enjoy improved audio quality and stream audio to multiple devices at the same time.

11. Copy content on your phone and paste it on your tablet: Soon you will be able to copy a URL, a photo, text or video from your phone and paste it directly on your tablet or vice versa.

12. Multitask with the tablet: With the improvements in the taskbar on the tablet, you will be able to see all your applications and easily drag apps to see two screens at the same time.

13. Distinct Touch Pen and Palm Registration: Whether you’re drawing or writing with your pen, you’ll now experience fewer accidental missed marks from resting your hand on the screen.

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