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Cell phones and computers that roll up: this will be the new Lenovo devices

Lenovo and Motorola want to change the smartphone and laptop industry. Therefore, they presented a new rollable concept for these devices during their Tech World 22 event.

According to the samples, the devices are going to extend the size of their screens in order to improve the use during some tasks. That way, the screen will dynamically adjust to a content or activity.

On the phone, the screen is 5 inches long and can be expanded to 6.5. Initially, it is more compact than the iPhone 13 Mini and in its extended mode it is almost as large as the iPhone 14 Pro, according to CNET, a medium that has already had access to the smartphone.

Motorola noted that the phones will include the Ready For platform, which is already used in its devices and whose purpose is to expand the use of the gadget to turn it into a computer desktop or a means to consume video games.

Metaverse, an area of opportunity for Lenovo

The metaverse is expanding. More and more brands are trying to take advantage of its features and an example of this is Lenovo, a company that showed its innovations for this virtual world, mainly focused on the applications it will have in the workplace.

Regarding this, one of the most relevant concepts presented by Lenovo is Cyber Spaces , a holographic solution for communication between employees. That is, a real person will be able to have a meeting with a hologram, as shown by the company.

“The workspace will no longer be a physical space and will become an infinite space for a collaborative or immersive experience,” Lenovo President and CEO Yuanqing Yang said during the Lenovo Tech World 22 event, where he also highlighted that they will double investment in R&D in order to “use smarter technology to power a rapidly evolving world”.

Likewise, the company showed its ThinkReality A3 augmented reality glasses, which will not be oriented to applications for an entertainment consumer, but are designed for business and industrial environments, as well as to complement education or add value to health.

“The metaverse is a hybrid of the physical and virtual worlds, where people and objects connect and interact with each other. With insights from the metaverse, we can deliver more immersive and interactive experiences and solve industry challenges more efficiently and at lower cost,” said Yong Rui, CTO, Lenovo.

The company also highlighted its collaborations with different companies in the technology industry, such as Intel, among others, which are helping it build its vision regarding these innovations.

Lenovo still dominates in the PC market and seeks the cloud

After the pandemic, the PC market is facing a difficult period. For the fourth consecutive quarter, it fell due to global economic uncertainty and excess inventory.

According to data from the , shipments of computers, both desktops and laptops, fell 19.5% in the third quarter of the year compared to the same period in 2021, being the largest drop in the last two decades.

“While supply chain disruptions have finally subsided, inventory has now become a major issue due to weak demand for PCs in both the consumer and business markets. Back-to-school sales ended disappointingly,” said Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa.

The specialist also detailed that other reasons why this market has had such a poor performance in the last four quarters is that there is no need for PCs by consumers, since they updated their equipment during the pandemic.

Despite this, Lenovo remains the leading PC manufacturer globally, with a 25.2% market share and 20,215 shipments globally; however, its shipments fell just over 15% compared to the third quarter of 2021.

And in the midst of this context, the company also said it was betting on new cloud environments to improve user connectivity and even announced a new range of servers to meet current workloads in digital environments.

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