NewsCalifornia: 15 of the 27 people who were in...

California: 15 of the 27 people who were in a car die in an accident

A total of 15 people have died in a collision between a car and a cargo truck. The accident occurred on the southern California border. The police are investigating the causes of the accident and why 27 people were traveling in a vehicle in which only seven can legally ride.

San Andreas Fault: why it worries scientists and where it passes in Mexico

The San Andreas fault causes concern to scientists. But do you know what it is and how it affects? Know what it is about and what are the areas through which it passes in Mexico.

Twitter lost a data center to extreme heat

According to reports, Twitter's data center in Sacramento went offline due to the California heat wave.

The mega storm in California

The chances of torrential storms are increasing due to global warming, says a UCLA study.

Nun embezzles school fees and gambles it away in the casino – court makes...

An 80-year-old nun travels to Las Vegas with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now a Californian court has announced the verdict.

At least two dead after plane crash on residential buildings

At least two people were killed in a plane crash in the United States. A Cessna fell on a house in a small town near San Diego, California.