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Caring for health and the planet are the priorities for Danone in Mexico

The theme of World Health Day in 2022 was determined as “Our planet, our health”, a philosophy that is fully related to the global vision of Grupo Danone, from which they reflect the conviction that the health of people and caring for the environment are interconnected.

As Lorena Villarreal, the company’s Director of Corporate Communications, explained, for the past five years, its motto “One Planet, One Health” is a commitment to sustainable development, which means that each of the corporate decisions originates with the purpose to provide healthy food to as many consumers and people as possible.

“We have a portfolio of three categories (dairy, water and plant-based foods) and we are not only a company that offers healthy categories, but we also have a product for each member of the family and for each stage of life,” he assured. the executive of Danone Mexico.

In this way, they fulfill the responsibility of developing and offering products to meet the real needs of the population, helping them to face the main health challenges through a healthy portfolio and 70% free of warning labels on nutritional value.

In addition, added Villarreal, every decision counts and when a consumer chooses a food or drink, he is also choosing the world in which he wants to live and the value chain to which he joins. As a result, each company project has a dual purpose: it must build in favor of the business, but with a positive social impact.

The foundations of Danone’s global vision

All the actions that Danone carries out are based on four pillars: circular economy in packaging, regenerative agriculture and sustainable livestock, water preservation and climate change, to take care of natural resources.

Under this philosophy, they have the ambition to give a second life to all the plastics they put on the market. Currently, they have 42% recycled content (on average) in their entire beverage portfolio, in addition to the fact that Bonafont water jugs are returnable.

In the area of regenerative agriculture and sustainable livestock, Danone promotes programs that foster inclusion and growth for vulnerable partners in its value chain. For 11 years he has been leading the Margarita project, so that small producers can supply one out of every four liters of milk used in the dairy portfolio.

To achieve this goal, they offer technical advice to more than 300 Mexican producers in the Altos de Jalisco region, who have become small entrepreneurs, improving the standard of living of their families and their community.

“This strategy is a round project that protects the Earth and with which we also bring fresh food and locally sourced ingredients to consumers, while empowering new generations of farmers. We believe that supporting local producers is essential to improve the health of people and the planet”, stated Lorena Villarreal.

Finally, to join the fight against climate change, the group has also set the goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050, reducing the footprint of its logistics operations, integrating a fleet of hybrid and electric delivery vehicles, as well as as through the use of renewable energies.

In the use of these alternative energy sources in their facilities, the goal is to reach 100% by 2030. Thus, they are part of the RE100 and have managed to make their dairy products plant in Irapuato, Guanajuato, operate entirely from wind power, while its water division plants also use renewable energy.

As the Director of Corporate Communication for Danone de México concluded, all their processes are focused on the “One Planet, One Health” strategy, which allows them to innovate, create more environmentally friendly initiatives and, above all, build a company sustainable in cooperation with the community.

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