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CFE Telecom will have a 75% higher budget for its connectivity plan

CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos, the subsidiary company of the CFE that seeks to bring connectivity services to rural areas to close the digital divide, will have a budget of 10,911 million pesos in 2023, 75.2% more than the 6,227 million pesos that assigned to him by the federal government last year.

The increase would be associated with the fact that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador seeks to accelerate the development of his connectivity project through the subsidiary company of the CFE, since he only has two years left to achieve his goal of bringing internet and telephony to rural areas.

At the end of August, the president announced that CFE Telecom will install 2,800 antennas in the country, which will connect 6.4 million Mexicans located in 18,634 towns that until now had no internet access. To achieve this, it will use all the workers of the CFE and its subsidiaries.

In a first stage, 873 antennas will be installed in the southeast of the country. In Chiapas 479 will be placed, in Oaxaca 359 and in Tabasco 35, three entities with the greatest backwardness in connectivity.

According to the president, there are currently about 300,000 locations scattered in small communities and to provide them with telecommunications services, he also plans to use satellites to connect these areas due to the complexity of reaching these sites.

In towns where there is no infrastructure, such as Jol Hic’Batil in Chiapas; Chilon, Chiapas; Zimatlan de Alvarez, Oaxaca; and in Comalcalco, Tabasco; they must start from scratch.

The ENDUTIH 2021 highlights that in Mexico only 81.6% of the population is an Internet user. Of this percentage, 56.5% is in urban areas and 56.5% in rural areas. Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz are the entities with the least access to the internet at home.

The state OMV begins to provide services

After the company was created three years ago, in August this year CFE Telecom finally launched its offer of mobile telephony and internet services in the country with 4.5G technology. It will operate as a Virtual Mobile Operator (MVNO) on the infrastructure of Altán Redes, a company rescued by the federal government last June.

Currently the company ensures that it can provide service in several regions of the country, including Mexico City and the State of Mexico, which are prohibited because its concession title only allows it to bring connectivity to rural areas where operators do not yet arrive. private companies such as Telcel, AT&T and Movistar.

However, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) assured, via transparency, that CFE Telecomunicaciones is solely responsible for not transgressing the conditions of its concession title.

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