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Chile: Sebastián Piñera assumes defeat against independents and the opposition in the constituent elections in Chile

The president of the board of directors of the Electoral Service of Chile, Andrés Tagle, has presented the second official bulletin on the election of the members of the Constituent Convention that Chileans have voted this weekend at the polls, and with more than 81% counted , the list of independents and the opposition would obtain a majority. In this sense, the candidates of the 83 independent lists concentrate 35.68% of the votes, followed by the official list Vamos por Chile, which brings together 20.88 percent of They are followed by the Dignity Approve list with 18.58% of the votes and the Approve List with 14.64%, according to the local radio station Bio Bio, in results that represent a fall in the traditional parties. The recount has begun in Chile after the closing of the polls of a historic “mega-election” in which Chileans were called to elect mayors, councilors, regional governors and members of the Constituent Convention, in charge of the e drafting the next Magna Carta of the country. With the publication of the first results, the president, Sebastián Piñera, has made a self-criticism in a speech in which he recognized that “in these elections the citizens have sent us a clear and strong message to the Government and also to all traditional political forces “, and this would be that they are not” adequately tuning in with the demands and desires of the citizenry and we are being challenged by new expressions and new leaderships. “After this, he has emphasized that it is their duty “as a government to listen with humility and attention to the message of the people,” reports Radio Bio Bio, and that these results are a “strong and clear” message that requires “deep reflection.”In reference to the Constituent Convention, Piñera has outlined that the elected constituents “must generate a well-intentioned dialogue to seek solid agreements,” with an eye toward “building a fairer, more inclusive country.” The president has considered that with these elections have been won by indigenous peoples and women, who “for the first time will have equal representation”, as well as “the regions, who for the first time elect their governors.”

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