NewsChina announces sanctions on Pelosi after visit to Taiwan

China announces sanctions on Pelosi after visit to Taiwan

China announced this Friday that it will impose sanctions against the president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, after her visit to Taiwan this week, which sparked discontent from Beijing and extensive military exercises.

With that visit, Pelosi “seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs and seriously undermined its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” for which “sanctions” will be imposed against the legislator and “her immediate family,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. without giving more details.

China has imposed sanctions against several US officials in recent years for having acted, in its opinion, against its interests and for having spoken out on human rights in relation to Hong Kong and the Xinjiang (northwest) region, sometimes without specifying the nature of these measures.

In March, Beijing placed visa restrictions on an unpublished list of US officials who allegedly “made up lies about human rights issues involving China.”

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Peter Navarro, who was a trade adviser to former President Donald Trump, were sanctioned at the time with a ban on entering China or doing business with Chinese companies.

, the most important military exercises in decades around the island. The military exercises will conclude on Sunday.

Pelosi defends her visit to Taiwan

The US legislator defended her trip to Taiwan and assured this Friday that the United States “will not allow” China to isolate the island.

Taiwan also condemned Beijing’s response to the visit, with Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang calling on allies to press for de-escalation.

“We did not expect that the evil next-door neighbor would show his might at our gates and arbitrarily endanger the world’s busiest shipping lanes with his military drills,” Su told reporters.

China stops its cooperation with the US on several issues

The Chinese Foreign Ministry once again lashed out at the United States, suspending talks and cooperation in multiple fields, including those related to the fight against climate change.

The world’s two biggest polluters pledged last year to work together to accelerate climate action, vowing to meet regularly to “tackle the climate crisis.”

And now why are they investigating Donald Trump?

The former president of the United States faces several legal proceedings related to the 2020 elections, the taking of the Capitol on January 6, and his business activities.

China detects 35 cases of a new virus of animal origin

Chinese authorities detail that some of the symptoms among patients are similar to those of COVID-19.

Taiwan, a sounding against a potential invasion?

How much did Pelosi's trip to Taiwan contribute so that China perceives the fine thread of considering the United States an adversary or an enemy? asks Rina Mussali.

US launches initiative to tax share buybacks

A bill launched by the Biden administration will boost sectors such as electric vehicle manufacturers, biofuels and solar energy.

With this action, China is demonstrating its true military power

The maneuvers that the Chinese army has carried out in the last week offer an example of what a real campaign against its neighbor can become.