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Colored labels for tweets that may be misleading you

More and more people are informed through social networks such as Twitter . Many times, although news or articles are linked, the user only reads the tweet and does not delve further into the information. The recommendation algorithms also tend to show the user the tweets of accounts that they have previously followed or that bear some similarity to their tastes or preferences.

In itself, this is already worrying because algorithms are permanently conditioning our way of perceiving the world, giving visibility to some news compared to others. The algorithms are simply feeding our biases . However, the problem is even greater when there is no filter that screens the tweets that contain manifestly false information.

At a time when we are being bombarded by fake news , Twitter seems to be interested in taking the initiative and leaking information by virtue of its degree of plausibility. Specifically, the platform is considering the idea of tagging the tweets of politicians and other public figures , whether they contain false or erroneous information.

Color code

Thus, Twitter wants “misleading” tweets to be tagged with red or orange labels . To these tuis would be added information corrected by journalists and other users, as well as by fact-checkers (people who are professionally dedicated to the work of confirming and verifying facts and data that are used in speeches, especially politicians).

The project is in the early stages, but everything seems to indicate that it will continue to avoid the uncontrolled increase of false information through the platform, as well as the multiple complaints from users and other organizations regarding it.

This mechanism, for example, could be particularly useful when it comes to disseminating medical advice , and also to inform about global health crises, such as the one that is causing the new coronavirus.

Still, it’s still unclear how Twitter would determine which tweets would be flagged with the new tags. One option that might be being considered is for Twitter users / moderators to earn points or “community badges” for their contributions. In other words, it was reputation that would set the course for good practice . In some way that has not yet been disseminated, it would be established that, the higher the reputation of the user, the more important would be their moderation or control of false tweets.

The reputation would be completed with another scale, that of the judgment or evaluation of the majorities. Thus, users would be asked to rate the different tweets as “probable”, “unlikely” or “detrimentally misleading”, using a scale from 1 to 100. In this way, the tweet would gain or lose credibility thanks to collective intelligence or 2.0 , a similar architecture that already works on collaborative platforms like Wikipedia.

Twitter is already implementing other tools in an attempt to help users discern what information disseminated by its platform is inaccurate. In May 2019, for example, it announced software that could reduce anti-vaccination information by redirecting users searching for keywords about it to sites like, run by the Department of Health and Human Services. .

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