EconomyConsumption will be personalized and sustainable in the future

Consumption will be personalized and sustainable in the future

Advances in technology (and data analysis) allow companies to address one of the most urgent problems to solve: climate change.

Within the framework of the Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022 , the leaders of firms such as Oppo, 3M, L’Oréal, Mercado Pago and Vinte discussed the actions they take to reduce the emission of pollutants while meeting the demand of more conscious consumers and committed to sustainability.

It is not only about being sustainable, but about understanding the needs of users and this is achieved with data analysis.

In the case of technology for mobile devices, the challenge is to make them consume less electricity and to achieve this, OPPO developed a battery that allows up to 1,600 battery recharges, double that of its competitors, thus prolonging the life of the devices.

“We are working to reduce packaging by 95% and generate batteries twice the resistance of what other competitors have,” said Pablo Tapia, CMO of the cell phone company OPPO.

The manager added that the way in which companies promote the use of clean energy and reduce polluting materials is becoming more and more important.

For industries like beauty, the technology helps consumers have recycled packaging, make the sale faster and more personalized, according to Kenneth Campbell, president and CEO of L’Óreal. In the case of housing, the way in which business is done and the market is transformed becomes relevant. Sergio Leal, director of Grupo Vinte highlighted that the houses are already being sold via social networks.

“We would not have thought of selling houses through Facebook. Now 39% of Vinte’s sales come through social networks,” said Sergio Leal.

And as technology and process efficiency touch from daily tasks to the automotive industry, Fernanda Guarro, general director of 3M, shared with the audience that in the company that represents technology it has helped them to improve articles such as fibers for washing dishes , the post its that allow us to make important reminders or notes, even respirators, which were essential in the pandemic.

“The important thing is that we continue to humanize our innovation, which has shown that it offers infinite possibilities for day-to-day solutions,” said Guarro.

For her, there are five keys and trends in technology for all companies: create new paradigms, establish new ways of working, the use of sustainable materials, the use of virtual reality or artificial intelligence and gender equity.

Any advice for entrepreneurs or business owners? Pedro Rivas, general director of Mercado Pago, considers from his experience that it is important to practice trial and error. “Sometimes an experiment works well in one country and not so well in another. Do an experiment, if it works, replicate it, and if it doesn’t, try something else,” he said.

And it is that in the case of Mercado Libre, the company that does electronic commerce and has ventured into the fintech industry in Mexico, meeting the needs of users in an easy way has allowed them to understand them and offer them the best solutions.

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